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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 15, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Erich Kesse, Angela Mott, Rob Roberts
  1. IT Dept AC was fixed this morning.
  2. 6th floor West is completed.
  3. Access Support wants soft walls in three locations. We have enough on hand to do the job. Brad and Rob are going out to the storage area this week to straighten things out and they will grab the soft walls at that time.
  4. Hangar door in West - having problems with it. The breaker has to be tripped to reset it. Need to contact the company, as that is not the way it is supposed to work.
  5. We have an Info Commons event to set up on Wednesday.
  6. Fire alarm - MSL - the open door is Skip Rockwell's problem. If it is not fixed by the end of the week, call Environmental Health and Safety. Rob will stay on top of it.
  7. Education - temperature problems - no good air is circulating in the room with the laptops. The information has been forwarded to Physical Plant. It is at the data collection stage at the moment.
  8. Music - asked for sections of old shelving to be installed. It won't be inside the Library; rather, out in the general area.
  9. New PO Box numbers are posted on the Facilities Web page.
  10. UPD - false alarms on security systems throughout campus. UPD has a new guy on it. They problem is with their monitoring devices - motion detectors, doors, etc. We're trying to get it ironed out.
  1. Amy is back from SMS training.
  2. NT25 last of the printers have been moved. NT9 and NT12 are both offline and on the SAN.
  3. NT2R - two more departments left to move to the SAN: Administration and Library West.
  4. AD meeting - scheduled for this week. We will start planning the staff migration to AD. All the migrated public machines are working. Per Bill, he's heard complaints that it takes too long to log on. Also, patrons are not logging off. There was also talk of screen saver issues.
  5. CNS - Tivoli testing this week.
  1. Judy asked Erich to price out the move of DLC to the Storage facility. Obviously we couldn't move out there under the current conditions. This would be post remodeling. DLC would really need a 1G pipe. It should not cost us to run it - it should come from campus money. We don't know what the situation will be - ALF may move - there are other entities looking to use the corner we're on at Waldo road for other purposes. What about the state-wide storage facility? There is an absolute commitment to the $1 million planning money in 2009. There is a donor possibly lined up. Site is unknown. DLC - pricing out the storage facility - very little discussion as to what and where. Perhaps all of technical services will be moved.
  2. Greening database - dealing with citrus disease.
  3. DLC had a visitor from Tanzania - he was asking for our assistance - he will need to request a grant for DLOC to be set up for them and for us to provide training. We will probably do it if the funds are available.
  4. Small project with the Harn - Beaded Jewels Collection. There was a presentation on it at the Association of Museums. The digital portion of it got a big draw. They want to open the archives to its three-dimensional event. Uses Flash or Open Lazlo. The Harn grant is for 1800 images.
  5. Great Floridians - funded by an endowment.
  6. Baldwin grant - still have a large amount of funds to spend within two months. Rita may file an extension.
  7. Aruba newspapers - National Library of Aruba is providing the newspaper and I-Archives in Utah is doing the scanning.
  8. We've been having weekly meeting with Alena Aissing on the Gypsies of Romany.
  9. Dudley Farm - state park in Florida has asked for our assistance. We'll do the scanning.
  10. Newspaper projects are normalizing now.
  11. We have one violation of a copyright law. Ironically, it is by the Legal Information Center. It is in regards to the Florida Water Law. We are taking it down, per policy. We have one violation of a copyright law. Ironically, it is by the Legal Information Center. It is in regards to the Florida Water Law. We are taking it down, per policy.
  12. Mark has an online report of the DLC projects. It contains the number of items online, tracking, history, etc. Located at:
  1. CECIL meeting last week - all of the directors of the state libraries. The hot topic was single bib record. Much talk of how much it will hurt. Each university would have to be updated. It would be an 18-24 month project, roughly equivalent to a system migration. FCLA reluctantly agreed to it. It is not a done deal, but we are moving towards it. The proposal will probably be ratified in the spring. It would make the joint storage facility better.
  2. Open Library Program (OLAY) - founded by the Mellon Corporation. UF is an advisory project member. Will indoctrinate to SOA. They want to reuse our code. The software components reflect the intellectual way you want to do business. They are embracing open source for it. Bill is working on the design implementation - service oriented stuff. Timeframe: July '09. Philosophical design. It is getting lots of publicity - huge interest.
  3. Two candidates for the Associate Dean of Technology and Support Services should be interviewing.
  4. HR - the new second in command, Bonnie Smith, is on board - vibrant and energetic. She will move forward with staff training.
  5. Ergonomic issues to be directed to Facilities.
  6. Michelle Crump is the new Evolving Technologies Librarian. She will be the evangelist for emerging technologies.
  7. Arrangement of the Web Dirs stuff - we need to work towards fixing. The final shoe will drop on the Technology Dean. Web hosting for all of UF is moving towards uniformity and branding.


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