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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 17, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Lots of talks with Judy regarding the budget cuts. We are analyzing money spent in past years.
  2. We have corrected the table on buy-outs.
  3. There is trouble finding contracts that Purchasing has lost.
  4. In general, we are plugging along.
  1. Rob received an email from Paul Losch - he is asking: now that we have VOIP, what about wireless? Will is going to contact CNS to find out what the wireless status is in Library East. Last he heard they were waiting to upgrade the switches.
  2. VOIP phones for E conference room and Systems conference room are on back order, but the ports are hot.
  3. Temperature problems on the 5th floor of West (again). Need to get PPD out to look at it.
  4. Stair tread replaced in West stairwell.
  5. We're getting the security software loaded on John's new machine.
  6. Physical Plant - trucks driving over Maps - we're trying to get them to stop.
  7. Tables are here. We'll return six to Special Collections.
  8. Third floor card reader in the Telecom closet - it was smashed, probably by a book truck.
  9. Pat Haskins reported to Rob that she ended up with the MSL security guard's access card. Bill notes that they are supposed to leave it with the front desk when they leave. They should also leave any keys they use - Rob will check and make sure that is happening.
  10. Lutron software package - Peter needs to bring it loaded on a laptop to his training.
  11. Campus mail update - they have agreed to sort our mail by building. They need our mailbox numbers.
  12. Facilities has several people out this week.
  13. Erich has reported that the air on both ends of the second floor of East has no movement. PPD is unable to open the dampers. They probably have to be manually restarted. Rob will check on the work order.
  14. Rob notes that he handed John Humphrey's resignation letter to HR. Tina is confirming things with UF Retirement.
  1. The committee is getting ready to judge the mini grant applications. Ironically, no one has applied yet. Everyone is waiting for the last minute.
  1. Logan is working on the SAN configuration.
  2. We had a few security notifications from CNS last week - they turned out to be print daemon machines that needed updates. There was a problem loading them because previous updates did not take.
  3. Virus updates - send a SYSHELP if it is not working.
  4. Is the security guard supposed to be wandering around checking out the ceiling, etc.? Yes.
  1. Archiving - two of our people that send data to FCLA are out this week.
  2. The archiving rate is still proceeding at a very slow rate - won't be finished until 300-600 years at this rate.
  3. The Hart proposal is out.
  4. We are in discussion with the Royal Gazette to go to DLOC.
  5. DLOC is coming to an end.
  6. St Augustine project is coming to an end.
  7. UFDC - issue with the software crashing. Greenstone software needs to be reinstalled when it occurs. Erich would like more redundancy in the system. We need to instruct someone besides Mark on how to fail it over.
  8. Erich notes they still have a position that is frozen.
  9. IFAS is asking all faculty to log their publications.
  10. Newspaper project - no resolution.
  11. ITAC meeting today - will add IFAS work on publications.
  12. Please take Laurie Taylor's Web 2.0 survey.
  1. Senior Development Officer interview - ongoing. Public interview/meeting today. Good opportunity for everyone.
  2. This Friday, Sept. 21 from 1:30-3PM - Town Meeting. Topics will be Disaster Planning and active shooter scenario.
  3. New staff orientation - Sept. 25-26.
  4. UFCC events: Thursday - Potluck with agency testimonials. Next week: Silent Auction. Bake sale to follow. Pledge cards will be distributed soon.
  1. We are starting to get more information on the budget give-back. It will get worse in the spring and even worse next year. They want an awful lot of money back. Be careful with the discretionary budget.
  2. Hiring freeze - as soon the budget give-back happens, if we have any money left, it may be possible to use it for hires. We are trying to figure out the results of the buyout.
  3. Money from FCLA - unknown if we'll get any to use for IT purchases.
  4. Last week, UF kicked off the unified Outlook email system - starting with IFAS. The cost is $2 per mailbox. Bill has asked Systems to provide statistics so we can estimate the cost to go to unified mail & calendars. Would mailbox size increase? Bill asked them about distribution lists and public folders - they seem astonished that we used them.
  5. Directors meeting - discussed the preliminary items for Library Council agenda, Senior Development Officer and set up task force to talk to faculty.


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