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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 19, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Support Services
  1. There is still a minor amount of agitation regarding the café for West. Should be resolved this week.
  2. Space Saver - hideous bookends problem: 5 tons will need to be stored. We received a higher estimate with Space Saver. As assembled shelves, they put the bookends on them - for $20,000 more. This is still percolating.
  1. John and Brad are out today. Russ will be out for 2˝ days. We will manage.
  2. The move is going well. 98% done in Publix. Need to convert one more container (LAC). Will sort moving stuff at ALF. Move to begin Wed Sep 21. Should take 3-4 weeks. Need to be out of LAD by the end of next month.
  3. DLC shelving is in place.
  4. Lock schedule - all doors - including the 5-6 branch libraries. Keys: campus master, library master, executive master, general building master, departmental, office.
  5. Signage sent to Carol Turner - no reply yet. No rush. Directories, ceiling signs - just have to wait and see.
  6. Pending work at MSL: soft wall from LAW will be used. No rush.
  7. Don Mallard - upholsterer - has done chairs that being stored at ALF. He has picked up the tables. Iona still has 14 chairs left for Education. Should he go ahead and finish them, since he has the fabric? Should it be put on the blanket? Unknown. Need to narrow down the cost and see if it is possible.
  8. Education: midnight rambler discussion.
Business Services
  1. November - will be the cut off for the 90 days to get out. Should give us plenty of time.
  2. Trying to get the rest of Martha's department shuffled around in PeopleSoft. Deadline to submit info is Wednesday.
  3. Dolapo should be back by Oct 3. Deborah will be out for a week.
  4. 25 workstations for Access Services in West - if these are really needed, the exact information needs to be given to Business Services.
  1. The Web server was down over the weekend. Will came in and restarted it.
  2. AD Conversation - Dell arrived today. Eventually, one sign-on will get you into the campus AD system. Ultimately, everything will be tied into you GatorLink ID. Calendars and mail can all be uniform. We have to bring up our own AD tree first, and then try to merge with campus.
  3. Physically, we will have both a new Web and email server.


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