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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 22, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. AFA fire - incident report form was filled out online. Fire was in the electrical panel. 480 volt, 1200 amps exploded. It was apparently caused by water. The panel door was blown off. There was no actual fire, just the initial explosion. They've been working on it for 36 hours straight, hopefully they'll fix it by this afternoon, but, there's no guarantee.
  2. Alarm panel in Library East has been going off since last Friday. There is a malfunctioning sensor in one sprinkler head that makes the alarm go off in the panel. Should be fixed today.
  3. MSL fire update - doors not releasing during the fire drill - this has been fixed, per Skip Rockwell. He said that before - we need a public test to make sure the doors are releasing during a fire alarm.
  4. Clean-up of ALF is about a third of the way complete.
  5. Shelving for Music is available for pickup.
Access Support
  1. Met with campus delivery project group about books for patrons to be delivered to a 'home' library (designated by the patron). Would be a part of the regular circ system. We would start by implementing it in the branches. Right now, it is just a proposal. The plan would be to have a button appear in MANGO. It should also appear in ALEPH. Michelle has identified real requests from ILL. We will have the branches mimic the requests and calculate the time it takes, rates of pay and impact. Angela is researching the cost of bins for the courier service. Will also research vehicle cost - overall general impact. We will try a test with the Law school faculty. It is not possible to predict how popular this service will be. We may have to limit the number of items that can be requested. Other schools that use this delivery: USF, FIU and FAU. They use it primarily for branches in other counties. They use it in ILLIAD and have it delivered to another library. Checkout is 8 weeks for general loans.
  2. Lori will meet with Logan this week to discuss splitting up the Access Support and Library folders, per reorganization, on the server.
  3. Public entry to Circ pages - we need a one-stop shop to ease navigation in the Catalog.
  4. Unmediated borrowing statewide - Directors want a recommendation. ILLIAD, ALEPH, Single-Bib - not looking at outside systems. ALEPH 19 - FCLA has a list of things it does - modular reference may be one.
  5. Jason Fleming - where does he report? He reports to IT. Lori needs to get with him to discuss some of the tasks he needs to be doing.
  1. Amy put together the fixes for the public machines. An installation schedule will discussed at the Workstation Support Unit meeting on Wednesday. Fixes include: faster boot up, screensaver and relocation of log off button.
  2. MMM - requests for walk-up computer access with no user ID required. We could restrict it to the catalog, but it would lose functionality.
  3. Ben Walker sent Will an email for cost info to expand out at ALF. Bill says to price-out a GIG POP. We should not have to pay for it. Info is needed by Thursday.
  4. Staff AD conversion - we have started meetings and are discussing the groundwork. It will be difficult to create groups and external addressing. We're hoping to begin implementation at the end of the semester.
  5. Grover - Bill thinks it should be able to external addresses. We've also had requests for students to have access to Grover.
  6. We need to expand the Patron Load to include Continuing Education. That group will now be treated as students. Winston will have to pick up that load.
  1. Tivoli - back up testing ongoing in DLC. Will test for two weeks, then we should arrive at a cost.
  2. Erich is working on the figures for Judy's request to price-out a DLC move to ALF.
  3. Judy has asked that when an item gets digitized, it would get a record in ALEPH. Erich says it is easier to dump it to Endeca. Mark is speaking with Jason about this issue.
  4. Sam has been meeting with the Caribbean Council folks. Erich provides him with the needed information and he visits the reps in Miami.
  5. Still waiting for the Digital Libraries to approve Trinidad and Tobago.
  6. NDNP bios need to be finished. Nelda has been out with her sick mother, so Erich will do it.
  7. Project list is out there.
  8. Current projects with problems: Caribbean newspapers - Erich met with Judy this morning. CRL newspaper archive forgot we're not producing newspaper content - commercialized. We're not thrilled to have to buy it.
  9. Women in Development - waiting for funds. What will be involved and the cost needs to be known. We are on a push to find donors for everything (we have a film archive just sitting). Local costs to be put up front.
  1. Bill was out last Friday, so there was a two-person Directors meeting. Probably just went over the normal personnel report.


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