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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 24, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Just paying the bills.
  2. We are down two people today - maybe three.
  1. We have several people out this week.
  2. John Humphrey will be on medical leave Oct. 12 - Nov. 2. He will need to speak with Tina in HR.
  3. Plan for Room 1A doors? We have a lot of people using the room. The condition it is often left in is less than desirable. The door has been found open. Rob has asked housekeeping to keep the rugs from in front of the doors.
  4. West - no garbage pick up over the weekend. There were 15-20 bags of trash this morning. The urinal in 319 was full of cigarette butts. There was an empty six-pack in 328.
  5. Skip Rockwell - request for CNS to get an energy VLAN so we can get the temperature moderating system set up in Facilities.
  6. Dates for the security conversion in the branches - waiting on replacement equipment.
  7. Rob needs to call about the Circ Desk replacement boxes for West.
  8. Lutron - communicating about disk. Will get it done. Will run test tonight. We are going to try waiting until 6:30-7AM to turn on the building lights. Rob to let Building Services know.
  9. Brian is out - Facilities to deliver the mail.
  1. Mini-grant program - one more week to go.
  2. No one has applied yet, but Kelley knows of at least two and Erich knows of at least five.
  1. Blogs and wikis - we are building a server to support it - it will be a part of the free version of VM ware.
  2. Telephones - VOIP - need to make sure people know who to contact for data vs. VOIP. Right now, Facilities is handling phones; Systems: data. Bill says we need to further discuss who should be handling what.
  3. CNS - surveying East for wireless networking. They will do all of the public areas first. They want to charge for all other areas. Bill says no.
  4. Dell finally responded to the laptop battery issue that Access Services has been experiencing. They will be sending us 40 replacement batteries. We don't have to send the old one back. We will replace them as they actually die.
  5. Greenstone failures - between Winston and Logan there is enough backup. Bill remarks that we still need to know why the problem keeps happening. It is probably a Tomcat problem. We may need to restore communication between Tomcat and Greenstone.
  1. Erich knows of five people who are going to apply for mini-grants: Chelsea Dinsmore, Matthew Loving, David Hickey, Laurie Taylor and Jane Pen.
  2. Richard Phillips' counter part - Williams - talking of DLOC. Looking to hire a grant coordinator.
  3. Ready to process an invoice - Erich is working with Barbara Oliver.
  4. FDA - it is no better now. DLC sent them 600 items. It took them 47 days to process them. At that rate, they will never catch up. Jim is talking to Judy. Need to look at the date code. Bill would like the Systems programmers to look at it. Need to go through and find out about the underlying software that runs FDA. Bill to send Winston the link.
  5. RFP for Amazon this week.
  6. $500,000 for newspaper conversion? Bill says they will get a $300,000 place holder.
  1. T&P - deadline October 1st for the submission of packets. Jimmie Lundgren is heading it up.
  2. San Huang did his second round of interviews for Senior Development Officer. An offer has been extended.
  3. Library Capital Campaign Gala - Friday. Mike Gannon is presenting.
  4. UFCC - potluck was last week. The Silent Auction wraps up this week. It will overlap a bit with Carol Turner's retirement party. The Bake Sale will be next Thursday, 10AM-2PM in West.
  5. Now that DLC reports to the Support Services Division, Erich asks where they fit in when it comes to union stuff. DLC is not its own department when it comes to tenure home. We need to look into the status and see whether or not DLC is a tenure home.
  1. Lots of the Directors were missing at the meeting on Friday.
  2. Mandate from the Provost - spending plan for last year's carry forward.
  3. We have not received instruction on how to submit the budget cut of 4.62%.
  4. Next year, 1-2% will be added to the cut.
  5. At least one division had not heard anything about limiting its discretionary spending.
  6. Faculty wants to know where all the money goes.
  7. We are working on the relationship of library privileges to different groups: alumni and Oak Hammock. We are in the process of looking to see what promises have been made to these groups in the past.


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