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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 25, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Security News - students have been seen in locked areas of West. Friday, there was a student studying in an unauthorized area. He turned out to be a student of Michael Dietz. Students have been found in the staff lounge. We will need to put out a general security announcement about it. Friday we had an incident with a student in the staff elevator. She claimed she could not get out and called the police. There is also a request for card swipes on the 6th floor for grad students. Need to find out the cost.
  2. Any problems over the weekend? We put a cop on the door. Have not heard of any problems. Bathrooms were well-stocked.
  3. Carrels - the rails for the inner sliding doors have been sent. Will put then on hold until we receive the outer rails so it can all be fixed at once.
  4. Two pallets arrived this weekend. Rob had to go pick them up. Could be Starbucks parts. Came from Mayflower - could be furniture. Betty is trying to sort out what it is.
  5. Revolving door of West is currently dismantled to get parts into Starbucks area. There is a big race to get it finished by October 2nd.
  6. Sickly palm trees on west side of Library West. The lawn was almost destroyed the last game day, but it is looking alright today.
  7. October 25 - unveiling of the Library West artwork. There will be a public reception.
  8. Data entry structure - business mailing address will have your Gatorlink email listed. Anything official will go to that address.
Business Services
  1. We are in the process of looking at stuff for the random Library statistics.
  2. It is freezing in Business Services. Rob to speak to Biltmore - should be 72 degrees, not 68.
  1. Got a quote for the intercom/pager: $7745. They will come to install it.
  2. HR wants a bench for queuing up to wait for processing. Bill Sutherland is coming 9/28. Can get him the quote for Leilani's stuff. Dale needs to sign off on all of it.
  3. A HR file cabinet was damaged during the move. Facilities will send Brad to check it out.
  4. We are trying to coordinate a picture-hanging day for West. Facilities will try to get to it this week.
  5. Moving of 'The Archer' from the museum to West - quote of $1200. The museum will provide a base, but Dale wants an oval base that matches the hickory downstairs.
  6. Starbucks is a change order. October 2 is the earliest date that we could close out on the building.
  7. Work order placed for active ports in shelving.
  8. Request for covered bike racks from Access Services.
  9. Media equipment - new monitors. Access Services is asking Facilities to mount the old stuff. No. We are in the process of ordering new stuff. Need to call the vendor and find out when it is scheduled to ship.
  1. Xerox - they came last week - the new server has a dead hard drive - they will get another.
  2. Resignation: Geoffrey Stewart leaving October 4th.
  3. Duct cleaning for Systems - we will not pay for it. It is an issue of timing and money. Special Collections was done as an experiment. Now the task is to get the building as a whole done. An interior designer is going to redo room 1 after the departure of Systems, then, we'll try to push for the whole building to be done.
  4. Moving back? Carpet not finished. Rob has placed a call.
  5. Smart board stand - need to pick it up from Facilities.
  6. The Libraries have the lowest security incident rates on campus, as well as the fastest response time. Only two incidents per quarter.
  1. UFCC announcement - Wed Sept 27 - Diabetes camp presentation. Habitat for humanities was the first.
  2. UFCC cards - need to be returned, even if the answer is no. Will pass the cards out to the department heads in our division.
  3. UFCC Silent Auction is start today. Looking for donations.
  4. Oct 5 - UFCC bake sale. Ground floor West. Everything will be sold for a buck.
  5. Raise file - letters of merit and across-the-board will hopefully go out this week. Need to convert the spreadsheet to merge.
  6. Quarterly status of VISA checking: foreign nationals.
  7. There are a couple of spots left for the Sept 29 Fair Labor Standards Act training.
  8. Open Enrollment - Oct 5 9AM - training on benefits. Last is Oct 18. Today and tomorrow - the benefits fair at the Reitz Union. Packets should be arriving via campus mail.


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