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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 29, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. The book move at ALF has started. Publix is ready, although there is still trouble with the dumpsters. Moving stuff from LAD is next. Will take roughly a month to complete. Rent deal: holds until we fully occupy. End of November is the 90-day point.
  2. Building construction - nothing critical figured out about the rails installation. Café - no word yet, either. Wait and see. The space is there.
  1. One person out Friday.
  2. Meeting with VOIP guy.
  3. 14 chairs for Education are a-go.
  4. PPD - door lock changed to the Journalism Com closet. Now Systems has no key.
Business Services
  1. Barbara returns starting tomorrow - half days.
  2. Working on finances.
  3. Found a department ID that was never corrected - standard PeopleSoft woe.
  4. Spending available cash for bookends in West - now, no travel budget. Wait for carry forward? Can't use carry forward for Travel.
  1. Three workstations were compromised last week. One has been F-disked; all three have been removed from the network. We've asked CNS for more info. Still investigating.
  2. AD conversion - is going OK, there have been a few blips - and there's probably still a few more to come. The password policy was changed to where it was asking anyone logging on to the Library Web page for a user ID and password. Luckily, we had saved and were able to restore the prior policy. There was also a discrepancy using a clustered server as the first server. Since that was rectified, things have been proceeding.
  3. New Exchanges server - ready to start migrating to it tomorrow night.
  4. The replacement Web server is up: ready and waiting.
  1. New employee, Tina Pruitt, started September 23. She is migrating from Shands. Dolapo is training her. As soon as she's capable, Dolapo will return to Business Services. Probably this week.
  2. Jeffrey Barr resigned on September 23.
  3. Benefits training - Lisa Hodges - good attendance. Another general meeting is scheduled for October 3.
  4. Town Meeting - Thursday. Brian is scheduled to speak about open enrollment. Announcement will be sent out.
  5. Brian will be off on Friday.
  6. Next Friday, Oct 7 is Homecoming. UF works half-day.
  7. Tenure and Promotion balanced.


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