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Support Services Meeting Notes
September 29, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Urinal leak in West on 2nd and 1st floors, running into the drain. There was also a puddle in the lobby. The plumber and PPD both say there are no leaks. They will replace the filters.
  2. Rob spoke with Herald about the terrazzo floors in East. Will submit a request to PPD. Herald threw the MSL carpet in with the estimate.
  3. AFA upgrades - put in as a work order. Would been carpeting over asbestos tile. If it is glued down, it will have to be abated.
  4. Upholstery - we will not use Mallard.
  5. Revolving door - West - broke this weekend. We've placed a call to Shea's glass.
  6. Lenel security guy is here today to key readers. Rob will let him know about the door problem on the East south door.
  7. MSL - unannounced fire drill should happen soon to test the doors.
  8. Rob has contacted the HVAC guy about ALF and Education. Should be encumbered by the end of October.
  9. Homecoming parade - banners for the float - discussed working during office hours vs. volunteering.
  10. Judaica will be assigned PO Box 117010.
  11. Global programming for Lenel - they say it can be done, but unsure who can actually do it. This has to do with a proposal to allow only patrons with GatorOne cards in the front door during late nights. A spare guard might be a better option.
  12. Getting the state van tires replaced at Town Tire.
Access Support
  1. Big project - fines & fees - there are technical details in working with ALEPH. It has not yet been tested. We'll probably be doing different things with recalls. We need to decide if the maximum overdue fine will be $10.
  2. "Friends" category - it is set up in the system. Need to change it on the Web, then we can make it live.
  3. Student financials - testing with loads and accessing. Staff have to sign up for classes. Jim Stevens is coordinating. Need to send notification to the branch heads to cover all bases, Documentation needs to be updated. We can just link to their documentation.
  1. GovConnection - MSL laptop problem has returned. MSL is requesting new laptop batteries. They have been breaking batteries when trying to charge them. 50 or 60 are now damaged. Bill wants to cost of repair. MSL is requesting a third charger as the batteries do not hold a charge for long.
  2. We are starting to reconfigure public workstations this week. We are starting with the small branches and then we'll move on to West and MSL.
  3. Patron load including Continuing Ed students - Winston says they are already in there.
  4. Emeritus professor from the college of Dentistry is unable to get in the proxy with his GatorLink. He can get in with his library card number, but not GatorLink. He can't get into the Proxy to access a Journal. He is using EZProxy. Bill says we do not support it. Bill would like to have the patron's name and the name of the journal he is trying to access.
  1. Two candidates are in the queue for the AD Tech position. Hopefully, the MSL Librarian position will be filled soon.
  2. We are trying to nail down money for projects, which is why we are asking for estimates regarding a potential move by technical services to ALF.
  3. Webcast for OLAY upcoming. There is a lot of info on the Web, as well. Lots of interest in this topic.


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