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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 1, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. Access Services has reported that patrons are walking out the emergency doors with no regard. Will look into a thirty second door delay followed by an alarm.
  2. Rob has a meeting tomorrow about the mail. Need to devise a system to assign PO boxes at the departmental level. We will come up with a system.
  3. Branch security conversion - pushed back by Lenel, Engersol and UF. Looking at the middle to the end of the month. $500 extra for the MSL stairwell.
  4. West light schedule - 7AM the building lights will come on. The cleaning crews will work by the emergency lights. Office switches will not work until the building lights come on. Ed Poppell is very happy with our energy-saving ways. We will have to monitor the cleaning, but this has been deemed a success for the whole building.
  5. Systems got their safe working. Hamilton Safes showed up and fixed the problem. The combination was not changed.
Business Services
  1. Grace has been working on a tentative spreadsheet for the budget reduction, but still has some changes to make.
  2. They want to know the rate on the line - what we're giving up.
  3. Grace is working on the nuts and bolts; it has to be at Tigert by October 5.
  1. Mini-grant applications are due today. At this point, one has been received.
  2. Recommendations are to be sent to the Dean by October 15.
  1. Email outage this weekend - Logan was working on the Exchange server - trying to decrease the spam. You should notice about a 15% decrease.
  2. Blog and wiki server is up. We are using a virtual box.
  3. Tom - server side includes for the Web server. We will no longer use FrontPage extensions. We will wait until the SAN is up and running before initiating. Will require a policy change.
  4. Windows update issue - a couple of servers did have the problem that Bill had mentioned at the last meeting. They've been fixed.
  1. New tracking software is allowing us to download a lot of holdings. We have quite a backlog, so we will close off any new work for the month of October.
  2. We have a meeting with the Athletic Association - they are interested in using us for a new project.
  3. Preliminary statistics report - need to get it going.
  4. Erich has been getting mini-granted to death.
  1. Technicalities - $1000 bonus - united faculty is the hold out.
  2. Amy Buhler has accepted the Science & Technology Librarian position. She will start November 2.
  3. People want more ability to see into the Library budget.
  4. UFCC - Bake Sale is this Thursday. Be sure all pledge cards have been returned.
  5. T&P - deadline for submission is today.
  6. Tina is out through Wednesday.
  7. We will post the Senior Development Officer as a faculty line.
  8. Direct deposits - chronic issue of how long it takes to get it in place.
  9. Open enrollment is ongoing through the month of October - expect emails from HR.
  10. Peoplesoft time approval - SYSHELP should receive notification from HR or Business Services to make changes - not from the employees or supervisors.
  1. Carol Turner - her last day is this Friday. Shelley Arlen will be the Public Services director in the interim. Nothing will be happening with that position until the spring.
  2. Judy - today is the day she is to be officially moved to Gainesville.
  3. Security arrangement - Bill is scheduled to discuss this topic at the next Town Meeting.
  4. No problems from the game over the weekend.
  5. Blogs and wikis - we are encouraging each department head to have a blog. It is an opportunity to put out your version of the important things going on in your department, your thoughts on current events.


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