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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 2, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Trying to figure out the worse case scenario for the state 27 cent an hour minimum wage raise.
  2. Barbara received an email from Dale telling her it is okay to go ahead with the Education reupholster - taking it from carry-forward funds. It is a total of about 250 chairs and 1-2 lounge chairs.
  3. Bill Sutherland came with the Haywood people - neither Bill, Barbara, nor Rob was available.
  4. All of the mini-grants requests have been received. Barbara is reviewing. The top five will be funded.
  5. Please send Bill one shining highlight of your department in the last fiscal year.
  1. The Archer is back. It is on a pedestal downstairs on the second floor. A student who did his thesis on the artist, Henry Moore, has informed us that the rump is facing the elevator. We've also had students touching it - as thought it were interactive. May have to rope it off to discourage such behavior. Still working on where to mount the Smathers plaque. May have a whole wall dedicated to displaying plaques.
  2. Waiting on an update on the Systems carpeting. It is in limbo at the moment. We are putting new lights in up on the second floor.
  3. The Facilities pager/intercom is working. There was a complaint of distortion in the speakers. Greg has adjusted the volume down by 30%.
  4. Shelving ports activated. The electricians are here looking at the shelving lighting.
  5. Space Saver - they came in and did a walk-through on the alignment. There are logical problems. It is almost done. Once we sign off on it, they will be covered by a ten-year warranty.
  6. West fire drill - last Friday - each department decides on a meeting place outside the building. Need to inform the firemen if special needs people are still trying to get out.
  1. Xerox print server - should be built and ready to go. Will has to upgrade.
  2. The Circulation DVD and TV orders have been submitted.
  3. When will we be going to wallplate/VOIP in East? We're next on the list - after Systems moves back. We need that carpet to be done within two weeks. Will use analog line for all faxes. In general, no extra jacks for phone/data - only if there is a need for multiple machines.
  4. We will be testing the Verify Patron failover Wed 10/11/06 7:30-7:45AM.
  1. Community Campaign - Silent Auction set for today and tomorrow. Bake Sale Thursday 10AM-2PM. All donation cards have been distributed.
  2. Next week - early payroll due to Homecoming holiday.
  3. Brian will be out at the state chairperson training at Holly-in-the-Hills next Monday-Wednesday.
  4. Tina is out sick today.
  5. Raise files - no comments.
  6. T&P and sabbatical season to begin.


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