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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 3, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. Open Enrollment starts today. Brian will be presenting two information sessions: one tomorrow afternoon and one on Thursday morning.
  2. The new HR employee, Tina Pruitt, is getting up-to-speed at the job.
  3. Dolapo has returned to Business Services (after a two-day vacation).
  4. JB - privileges not wiped yet. Recession period for resignation has not yet passed. Barbara needs to know the details of the buy-out, vacation & sick pay.
  1. Move going very well: LAD to Publix. Question of gas mileage - gave them use of our vehicles, but that only leaves us with two. Should be OK. This is like a footprint for the move to West.
  2. Bookends are done - PO reinstated. No date for performance. Should be installed. Barbara will speak with Finance and Accounting for further details.
  3. Inventory to Property - cannibalized shelving - two decals are applied to it. Need to get the PO from Property Records - give Barbara the PO.
  4. Art deco chairs - 75-100 of them from Library East. What to do with them? Would like to sell them - maybe auction. On hold - may need them as replacement.
  1. Clarification: JB's permissions remain intact? Yes.
  2. AD migration - most users have been moved over. Problem accounts seem to be ones that have been here for a long time. They will need to be migrated manually. We will use a utility that should help. Exchange is still an issue.
  3. Web server conversion- need an additional statement of work (quote/money) in order to get it converted. The new box is ready-to-go.
  4. Web mail - new address: Don't forget the 's'.
  5. Had a compromised machine this morning - took it off the network immediately. It will have to be rebuilt. Location: Circ Desk in MSL. Need to figure out what's going on there - survey the area, make sure the updates are getting done.
  6. Geoffrey is back from his weeklong Linux training.
  1. List of candidates for the committee on the future of the Libraries. Candidates are predominately high-level faculty. Will be figuring out where the Library should be in 15 years.
  2. $1 million for furniture in West - Barbara wants to see the specs and PO.
  3. Barbara would like to change the contingency when the moving bid goes out. Need ready cash.


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