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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 6, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Peter is out for two days.
  2. Loading dock security door in MSL - the hardware on the other door - maglocks. We won't be able to switch it to the new door. Need to fix it with new hardware.
  3. Update on projects list - dig at MSL - Rob hasn't been to a meeting lately, but it is proceeding. Not many problems. The contractor is informative.
  4. Small projects - AFA - carpet, lighting, upholstery. Asbestos tile will need to be abated. We will pay for the tile removal and PPD will pay for the carpeting. Rob is trying to get the PO's going. Library West - some painting in the stairwells and classrooms. East - terrazzo and stair repair. Donor wall is a new project.
  5. AC in the East server room - back-up for the power & AC? AC has back-up. Back-up power generator - we can ask about it. Rob will talk with Harold.
  6. MSL replacement carpet - 2nd floor - they would also like the Circ desk relocated and the lighting improved in the lobby.
  7. Rob will meet with Harold today to divvy out projects, then he will present them to Judy to get her approval.
  8. Education - room 1504 - AC upgrade - will use our money. The whole building upgrade will use PPD money.
  9. EHS form - Rob resent it and included Bill.
  10. State truck being used to pull the Homecoming Float - when the truck comes back from Tallahassee, we will get a hitch welded onto it.
  11. Lenel download - putting all campus on the door for extended hours - that would be a big hassle to do. Lori notes they did a study that showed no reduction of incidents when the patrons swiped their cards to enter. Since that is the case, we will probably just go with hiring another guard.
Access Support
  1. Circulation - student account retrieval is switching to PeopleSoft. The switch is tomorrow. The last day to submit files is today. Work will be suspended until Monday when the switch is complete. Lori will send out a note to those who need that function in PeopleSoft and copy the department chairs.
  2. Lori met with FCLA on Friday regarding fines and fees. System problems with FCLA are the hold up. We will have to agree to only one maximum overdue amount. We will present the option and see what they want to do.
  1. Peer-to-Peer notifications about public machines using Limewire or other downloading software - we have been ignoring them. Bill agrees that is acceptable. Ignore such notification as it is not illegal and impossible to track.
  2. MSL checkout laptops - Lenovo has agreed to check and see if there is a defect with the battery charger. We have a third charger as well as batteries on order.
  3. Trojan incident - contained. As a consequence, we've had to replace some CDROM drives. The culprit ended up being the backdoor AWQ Trojan. We caught it with our virus scan. We injected ourselves via flash drives. It was not from the outside. It did not alert the central security cops. It is scary to think this could be contracted in routine updates. It would be much worse were in MS or CISCO updates.
  4. We are testing Windows Steady State as a replacement for DeepFreeze.
  1. October 14 - Erich to meet with FCLA regarding the slowdown of UFDC caused by erroneous dumps. FTP transfers are slow.
  2. DLC internal backups - Tivoli - we are going to try to commit the money today. There is a question of the accuracy of info copied over.
  3. Bryant - Judy met with the donor, who is asking for a copy of 22,000 files on one disk. Erich was able to get all of the images on one disk. Erich will let Bill review the disk before distributing.
  4. WID (Women in Development) - two palates of material are out at ALF. About 80% is good for digitization. Will need to clear the copyright. It will be at least two days work just to review the content. This project is suddenly high priority.
  5. Newspapers - Stephanie is moving back to MSL to work on a Science Project. She was discussing it with Judy and mentioned the Newspaper Program. We used to have the newspapers on microfilm, now they are digitized. They used to be funded by grants. Newspaper chronology.
  6. The Coordinator for the Digital Libraries of the Caribbean will be here Thursday and Friday. She may have questions for the IT Department.
  7. The head of LAC will be here on Thursday. The project is based out of FIU, at their LAC center. We will be working on the second phase of grant planning for building funds.
  8. Our next grant is Newspapers - the funding is from TICFIA - Department of Defense. Requests from foreign partners with foreign content - we are trying to marry up the foreign content with the public. Current material vs. history. Erich is building a contact list for Sam.
  1. $7-figure donation in the works. Sam has some good stuff brewing. Development is going well.
  2. Responsibility Centered Management - ADA meeting - charge backs. Places that generate money get to keep it. Places that consume money without generating it - have to pay. There was a $30 million increase on electricity on campus this year. Some version of this RCM plan will be alive in the next fiscal year.
  3. Cleaning up Purchasing - the whole university will be going to a single vendor. We won't have to go through Central Purchasing first.
  4. If we have any further reductions next year, it will be difficult to avoid layoffs. The "pullbacks" of this year would become permanent. Staff reduction - next year will be at least as bad this year. Library: $700,000 short on book budget. Even without a cut, we've got trouble.


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