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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 8, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Business Services
  1. We're spending another $300,000. Acquisitions will spend it from carry-forward. They still have paperwork to fill out.
  2. Carry forward - approximately $800,000. We are now spending it.
  3. Revised budget was sent to Tigert. We've not received confirmation of acceptance.
  4. Once the budget is accepted, we can unfreeze hiring - except there will be no money until someone leaves or retires.
  1. Temperature problem in East - warm and stuffy on the third floor. Supply air is the same temp as the room air. No chilled water? We have an emergency work order placed to find out what is going on.
  2. Patch orders.
  3. Rm 450 East - removed walls, have all the parts.
  4. Sign order for West - needs to be reviewed.
  5. Circulation box is in Facilities. We will put it out on the desk. It is a lot smaller.
  6. MSL - flooded carpet - PPD is replacing all carpet on the third floor. Also replacing the carpet tiles in the bathroom. Will be replaced with vinyl. Pam Cenzer can pick them out. Judy will need to approve them, and she is out this week.
  7. Water project at MSL/Maps - it is now an official, full-scale project with an architect that is dedicated to water-proofing and creating a new roof design. The plans need to be reviewed.
  8. Mail update - any word from the Directors regarding the issue of post office boxes/outsourcing mail delivery to UF Mail? Under review.
  9. Carrel keys not being returned - students will be charged $15.
  10. Conference Room East - need to confirm that a phone has been ordered.
  11. Conference Room East - projector has been left on. Bulb will burn out. Need to make sure it gets turned off.
  1. Nine mini-grant applications received.
  2. They will be reviewed today.
  3. The committee will get their recommendations to the Dean in a couple of weeks.
  4. Many of them had letters of support from the DLC.
  1. Will is still getting collection notices from Dell regarding the Media Tech projector delivery for West classrooms. Need to make it clear to them that the next communication about it will be from counsel.
  2. Will received an email from Stacey Ewing - she talked to Mark McAllister. They hope to demonstrate the printing method in AD. We are going to be moving all of public to AD. We'll have to retain administrative control in order to repair. Liaisons will also have access.
  3. Backup Exec - this week we will install the new version.
  4. MSL laptops - got a quote from GovConnection. The charger they have only charges one at a time. Logan found a multi-charger online. Will get a quote from Dell as well.
  5. SAN expansion - Logan is working on it.
  6. Computers in room 211 West have only gig memory. Will upgrade.
  1. We took custody of Florida Law from FCLA. We are reprocessing it to go into PALM.
  2. FCLA digital library has PALM messed up. We continue to upload. We are producing 100G per day. They average 33G.
  3. DLOC - no French speaker. FIU is the partner; the French speaker is gone. Matt Loving is a possible candidate to join temporarily, as he can speak French.
  4. Barbara & Grace - sole source for the Newspaper Project - Will has specs for a server.
  1. Missing Directors - John and Judy are out this week.
  2. Biweekly meeting with the AD advisory group - talk of voluntarily joining the Exchange 2K7 base. They'll be taking applications in the late spring to early summer.
  3. They will support public folders.
  4. They will support as many mailboxes as we need.
  5. The clincher: they will provide as much storage as we want. There are two different categories: 2G and unlimited. All will be backed up.
  6. This would mean complete central mail management. There is no AD data infrastructure. Mike Conlon and crew would have to wait until at least the spring.
  7. Another issue will be mailing lists - closer to our idea of how to run an Exchange server.
  8. No firm price yet. They will migrate our system.
  9. Putting public workstations on AD will be the first step.
  10. There will be universal agreement to move due to unlimited storage.
  11. Mobile devices will work - with push services.
  12. Webmail interface has to be used with IE.


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