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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 9, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. Security One is working on the hallway downstairs today. Need to see if they will also look at the striker on the door on the first floor.
  2. Carpets in Systems to be finished up on Tuesday, Oct 10. Rob need to look over the way we want the offices reconfigured. He will also contact the movers to see when they can move us back. Probably next week. The lights have been replaced.
  3. West - temp upstairs is a bit warmer, but it is still cold. Turns out, the hot water was never going into the building.
  4. Paging access installed. Will add Jim Stevens to the pool of those able to access. Will assign him an individual PIN.
  5. As-built documents - our copies have somehow been lost. We are trying to get copies.
  6. Robe reports that we need to sign off on The Archer for the Harn. Bill says to get Dale or John to do it.
  7. Mail change plan - email sent to Bill.
  8. Supplies - need to discuss the P's and Q's of a new system with Accounting. May be able to have each department order directly from the vendor. There are issues with this proposal. Would have sub-accounts under one master account.
  9. Security - Rob got the quote for the in/out on the inside door with keyboard.
  10. Agotti - coming with the chairs tomorrow - but, he has repairs to do. Need to identify the broken ones for him and let him know where to put the new stuff.
  11. Infinium - just hanging in the wind. Inner doors received - no outer.
Business Services
  1. Grants Award meeting - Grace has been attending.
  2. Barbara is at Bridges regarding training.
  3. Bill would like to have a long discussion about ILLIAD.
  1. Xerox - Friday they switched out the servers. The tech had trouble configuring it so that it would charge money for prints, so we switched it back to the old server. PDF printing is still an issue.
  2. Will is having a bit of trouble with the anti-virus server since changing the password.
  3. Need to change the vault combinations. Will submit the request.
  4. Wireless in West - Amy says that the hold up by CNS is because they did not receive a PO for the work. Bill to look into the matter.
  5. Waiting for the enunciator to be received in MSL. They got one, but it was the wrong size - so they sent it back. We're waiting for the new one to come in to schedule Media Tech to come in and do the install. They also need to do some final things in West.
  1. All the electrical and date stuff should be done in West this week.
  2. Plasma screen - 3rd floor Ref desk - that is one of the installs that is waiting on Media Tech.
  3. Second floor - cables and switch boxes - installed? Unknown. Monitors to be able to display on both sides.
  4. Wall plate service in East - we've been getting charged. Barbara has set up a meeting with CNS to discuss.


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