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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 13, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Ventilation in the east end bathrooms in Library West - electrician says it's not wired. Marcus is checking on it.
  2. Loading dock door in MSL is working.
  3. Brad is out.
  4. Facilities work on the Homecoming parade stuff is done - the hitch is on the truck.
  5. General access to conference and training rooms in West - still under discussion by the Directors.
  6. Lighting - PPD wants to save energy when West is closed. We need to get statistics. The window between the time we close and the time the cleaning crews get here is quite small. There isn't really much to improve upon. This is tied in with Responsibility Centered Management: change backs, utilities.
Access Support
  1. Circulation billing changeover to be implemented today. It has been delayed until 1PM. Jim Stevens and Lisa Bailey can log in. Student accounts receivable is now accessed via PeopleSoft.
  2. Has the $10 maximum fee for fines been approved yet? It is still under consideration by the Directors.
  3. Any recommendations for the 24-5 hours? It is being contemplated. Will Lori be expected to do anything for it? Probably.
  4. Meeting this week as a campus group on the campus delivery system. The results will be sent to Lori on Wednesday and then we'll try to get a proposal.
  5. Meeting this afternoon with Jason Fleming to clarify who does what with circulation. He is the staff advocate.
  1. Backup Exec failed this weekend - we changed the password on Friday.
  2. Exchange Advisory meeting - Google outsourcing tabled. Mail merge - stripping attachments - 80% return on space. Mail meter - 2-3% delay. Campus Exchange Day is November 4 - for users and tech folks. People should attend.
  1. The programmers will keep donor information private. It will be available offline in the Development box.
  2. Stephanie is moving to MSL - what to do there? Copyright issues with Science faculty. Erich is slowing her down.
  3. WID - Judy asked for the numbers to date and for the expected remainder.
  4. DLOC2 - newspaper list: all in storage, active, etc. Conference call in regards to this project will be tomorrow afternoon.
  5. LAC program on campus - Paul Losch to do outreach to faculty working on campus about using DLOC.
  6. Citation analysis for DLOC - who is using it and why.
  7. Fund raising - Sam is getting in touch with the second richest man in Jamaica, as well as the richest man in Haiti.
  8. FDA meeting scheduled for tomorrow - at the same time as the conference call.
  9. Bryant - Erich gave the disk to Bill and Sam. Alicia and Sam asked the DLC to work on another Bryant proposal.
  10. Baldwin is fine.
  11. National Digital Newspaper - final report pending six remaining bios.
  12. FTNL - efficiency analysis - Stephanie left Judy with some impressions. You can't charge for access to newspapers. We are looking to do a fundraiser with the Alligator. We'll be meeting with them later this week.
  1. Library-wide news - Xerox contract is up at the end of November. We have two possible new vendors. No bids - they are on UF contract. Will be responsible for printing and copying. Neither will require servers. The cost structure will change. Bill will talk to their IT folks. It will require a GatorOne card.
  2. CCLA - Bill visited and gave a two-hour presentation to staff. Talk of project reports out of ALEPH. BIB table in ExLibris - they have to resolve what is being done. They use Primo, not Endeca. They update four times a day. It is very different from Endeca. We'll look into it.
  3. Development Report and Personnel update were given at the Cross-Divisional meeting.
  4. Various interviews upcoming: November 17&18 and 20&21.


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