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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 16, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver
  1. One of the West elevators is out.
  2. It is freezing cold on the 5th floor of West. PPD maintains control of the building, but will not work on it - says it should be handled by the construction company.
  3. Bike signage due up this week. What about the coke machines? We have no clue.
  4. CCure down - service stopped. Will restarted it. It stopped again, so he restarted the server. Seems okay now. LAC had no elevator service over the weekend. Yes, that was CCure related.
  5. Copier in HR now has an outlet. The tripping situation with the floor has been solved as well.
  6. Data outlets have been moved in Administration.
  7. Fire stairwell doors - at first the problem was that they were too heavy, and then they weren't closing. Now, students are propping them open.
  8. Work order placed to put in a pump to increase the water flow on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  9. We met with the decorator to discuss room 100. Hope to turn it into a large meeting room.
  10. Standup computer chair discussion.
  11. Barbara needs the table and chair specs for the 6th floor.
  12. Need to get chairs for the grad area.
Business Services
  1. Regular accounting business.
  2. Payroll - general ledger, regular payroll and online not adding up to the same amount. Nothing agrees - primarily the time of June-July.
  3. Had to remove more money from the OPS reserve - Frank DiTrolio's salary fund was going into the red.
  4. Lots of payroll and maintenance files - phones and PPD charged to closed accounts.
  5. CNS - meeting with them this week. They have been charging East for wall plate service for the past year. They will have to either rebate everything to date, or not charge the initial startup fee when East switches to VOIP. All they have done is label the wires.
  6. Barbara has instructed Xerox to move copiers from MSL to West. Also, Xerox is supposed to be sending a more knowledgeable guy from Jacksonville to help out with the server issue.
  7. Business Services keeps finding the Telecom closet door propped open. They have been instructed to close it when they find it in that state and no one is around.
  1. Xerox - Chrissy worked on it again. Looked good, but the server is not coming up. The old Xerox server we've been using went down on Sunday night. Had to remove/add it to the domain. Seems to be working at the moment. The new server is simply not working. The print release stations will not hook up to the new server.
  2. Public Services meeting - technical services coordinator - working on their issues was the topic, but it turned into a Xerox gripe session.
  3. Amy is working on manually updating the training room laptops. We'd like to try and put a switch in the cabinet to keep all the laptops hard wired so the updates could be automatically pushed. The HSSS liaison could handle it.
  4. Last week, the Verify Patron failover test was largely a failure. The programmers are trying to figure out why some did not work. We will do the test again in a couple of weeks, before the next round of updates.
  5. CCure problem - sentinel service.
  6. Generation Fifth software - trying to work out the details. Need to find out the status of the software order as well as the hardware/equipment situation.
  7. Position - replacement for Geoffrey - should be posted in the near future.
  1. Six faculty searches ongoing: Romance Languages, Judaica, Reference, HSSS, etc.
  2. It's tenure and promotion and sabbatical season. We've got two slots and one applicant.
  3. UFCC is finally winding down. Tabulating totals.
  4. ARL salary survey - data to be converted to salary.
  5. Dean of Libraries position posted.
  6. We've made a nice improvement to the recruiting segment of the HR Web page. Student recruiting on the Web is going well.
  7. Position description database - electronified. It is a map of where position should be. Accessible on the Web. Turned out nice. Directors maintaining equity.
  8. Liaison system review? Technical Services did not want a position like Amy's for a staff liaison. Amy is working on training for public and staff. Do we have a uniform standard on liaisons? FTE? Not settled. Duties range from 10% to 50% to 75% - should there be a compensation factor?
  9. Smart board for training room - still not scheduled - waiting for Media Tech to be scheduled to install MSL's enunciator. Let's not wait on that anymore - let's schedule Dell to come in and finish up work on the rest of the items.


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