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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 17, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Shelving at LAD (now Publix) - was purchased out of expense inventory as part of the building. Survey it, then cannibalize.
  2. AC at Publix - Ben called and was told there is no maintenance done by the Butler Plaza people. Depends on how the contract was set up by Law. If it says it is up to us - then it is. Barbara notes it is owned by Windermere Properties.
  3. Fourth floor - Smathers power upgrade today.
  4. VOIP installation in AFA this week. Music next week. Our wireless will be the pilot for campus.
  5. Mallard is interested in buying the leftover chairs. Check to be written out to UF Foundation.
  6. ALF shed - in the process of getting a permit.
  7. John Humphrey is on vacation for two weeks.
  1. We are working on permissions for Exchange - groups and contacts. Migration complete. Shared mailboxes are the only exception.
  2. Web server - scheduled for this week. Need to get the paperwork done.
  3. Erich to get a new server for the GigE project.
  4. Anti-virus - Trend expiring - we'll revert to McAlfee. It is offered on campus. Will install on Exchange first.
  5. MacroExpress - 9 copies forthcoming from FCLA.
  1. Will be announcing the Sabbatical Committee - two applicants, both fulltime.
  2. Dale, Brian and Martha - meeting with corporate HR to talk about staff restructuring and re-class. Stealth raises - want to approach it systematically. The first meeting has been scheduled; we'll see how it goes. As far as the review of positions and salaries, we will be looking at the job as a whole. We're seeking internal equity and efficiency for the organization. It is a time consuming process.
  3. Tomorrow is the first of the two-day Open Enrollment Benefits Fair at the Reitz Union. Make sure your staff understand the need to analyze the changes.
  4. HR Forum last week on the 401A initiative that UF is going to go for. It is for people that do not go with the UF retirement plan. Those employees can have a private 401A account. Mainly for OPS employees.
Business Services
  1. Barbara passed around a handout of expenditures for 2004-2005, by PeopleSoft nomenclature.
Support Services
  1. Bill spoke with the engineering guy for the cafe - it should essentially be our version of Starbucks.
  2. The University had an odd event on Friday: there was a one day set of interviews at some Infotech places (IFAS, CNS, Academic Tech) for the LAN manager from Michigan State University. The College of Business, Libraries and Registrar were not involved. Strange.
  3. Network infrastructure - formalizing the preamble. We feel there is a strong need for a VP of Technology. Most of the IT community does - the UF president is not all that fond of the idea.


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