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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 20, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Erich Kesse, Angela Mott, Rob Roberts
  1. IT server room - light fixture is broken. Brad will be over to fix it.
  2. Discussion of the arrest in Library West. GPD did an excellent job handling the situation.
  3. General access to training and conference rooms? Any decision from the Directors? Odds are: it's not happening.
  4. All of the construction projects are set up. We've got the POs going.
  1. Backups ran successfully with the password change. Dewey password change will be next.
  2. Campus AD - made scripts to pull information from AD to match up the user IDs.
  3. SMS - it is about ready to go. It can push to all but 40 machines, probably due to firewall issues.
  4. RIAA warning - from a month ago. We tracked down the WSID, but there was nothing to find.
  5. We are testing Steady State as a replacement for Deep Freeze. It integrates with SUS.
  1. DLC wants to drop Tivoli as a backup solution. We are looking elsewhere. Why? Because we can't be assured the archive has fidelity to the source document. Bill made arguments to the contrary. Erich will go back and look and find out the price to bring it back for checksum.
  2. Metalib Marc records will go to Catalog.
  3. Donor info being made available for all to see - will be imbedded in the Catalog. Make sure it is not in the BIB field. It should be in itemized copy.
  4. WID - Bill and Judy have the prices on expenditures to date. Next figures will be smaller.
  5. Sam and Alicia - gave them a list of the Bryant family.
  6. Newspaper bios are done. Only the grant narrative is left.
  7. Janice Group - statewide distribution centers - well underfunded. Hope they straighten Cathy out. The model is kind of doomed, but it is an untouchable sacred cow.
Access Services
  1. Angela Mott is in attendance, in place of Lori.
  2. Campus delivery program - had a meeting. Working on a proposal. Courier bags will be all one color. Pilot program will be rolled out in increments:
    Law - faculty and staff (January - February)
    HSC - faculty and staff (March - May)
    All faculty and staff (summer)
    Users will be able to log into the catalog and see all items that can be retrieved in this manner. It won't be open to grads and undergrads at first. The Law Library is supposedly not on board to open it up to students. The Dean of Law needs to talk with Judy. We should be speaking of all employees, not just faculty. The proposal should be ready to go in November and testing starts in December. Lori will get the draft in November, before she leaves for scheduled business trips.
  3. Nothing new with ILL Reserves.
  4. Lori is working on her position paper for the copyright conference in Geneva.
  5. Refund policy - changing the maximum refund to trip notices faster. FCLA does not have the changes in place.
  1. Homecoming - this Friday. Judy will be on the float. No Directors meeting.
  2. We have proposals on tap to do some construction in the restrooms in West. Floors and ceilings will be torn out. It will probably happen during the month of November. We need to get planning the schedule. If we can't do it floor-by-floor, we will have to close the Libraries. It would be ideal if we could schedule it for the holiday break week.


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