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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 22, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. $500,000 extra received - it was promised by the Provost. No strings - will be used for the rest of the salary upgrade.
  2. Barbara proofread Brian's work on salary savings/bonuses.
  3. Carry forward - most of it is out, but not the signage. The signage is currently under debate. Some are monstrous in size. We are trying to figure out which ones are really needed.
  4. We are getting closer to another quarter.
  1. Rob is going to call the terrazzo guy for the refinishing in East - definitely need to get estimates.
  2. East 450 south tower - construction complete. Asbestos tiles are suspected - we are having them tested today. If positive, they will have to be abated. Will get a quote.
  3. Elevator button for the second floor exit is on order for a long time. It does not ever come in.
  4. Lutron will not give us a copy of the software. They issued one with the computer, but we can't install it on another machine. We need to look into this situation.
  5. The Seamans workstation is set up and connected (temp control).
  6. Pam Cenzer is setting up a meeting with the decorator (MSL).
  7. AC in Education - finally fixed. Took 3-4 days to rectify the problem.
  8. Security conversion started today. Education will be first. Lenel card swipes to be installed on all outside entrances. Interior doors to remain on CCure for the time being due to cost. Need to check on the status of interior doors.
  1. Received nine mini-grant applications.
  2. Five mini-grants were awarded.
  3. Jim Cusick and Kelley delivered the letters of acceptance/rejection.
  4. There is talk of the possibility of a mini-grant program in the spring. Will discuss.
  1. Virtualized server for the Maps mini-grant proposal - specs worked out by Will.
  2. Campus AD - it is working with tested public machines. Xerox contract to end and we will see how the Circa print solution demo goes. Will also need to see if Xerox will work with AD. We would plan on converting the staff machines later in the year. Public may be done as early as January, assuming Xerox will work. Issue of copiers discussed.
  3. AFA scanning workstations - not working sufficiently. We have the okay to order two new high-end machines. We are waiting on the quote.
  4. Network neighborhood - losing machines. We've got CNS tracking it down. Has been occurring randomly in all subsets. Bill suggests looking at AD to see if it knows all of the neighborhood browsers for each subset.
  5. McAfee - updates are working sometimes, not for all machines. Need to manually check. Need to look into the administrative push. It is a current project.
  6. Liaisons - Amy has arranged a celebration, recognition and education session to honor our exemplary security incident report record. John Sawyer from CNS to speak.
  1. Erich is trying to revive the three-department meeting (DLC, Preservation & Special Collections).
  2. Brittle Books issue.
  3. ReadIris - finally got the software working, with help from Systems.
  4. Historic Properties - no funding. Tom Caswell to submit a pilot grant to Park Services.
  5. We are processing the remaining Aerial items.
  6. FTP closures - we hit our limit everyday. We are trying to automate our way out of other problems, but FCLA keeps crashing.
  7. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting Nov. 7 with Selma Jackson.
  8. Upcoming meeting with the Harn about a future African art project.
  9. CSE is interested in working with us on a grant.
  10. The PO is out for Florida Newspaper Conversion: $300,000. Should be finished in six months.
  11. Preservation problem for thesis - trying to get a cost on the project. It passed legal. It is not funded. Need to talk with Cathy. They would need to be declared public resources, and right now UF has declared them archival. Will get Judy to talk with the UF attorney.
  1. Bonus file: $1000 faculty bonuses in Nov. 9 paychecks. All individuals appear in the bonus file for faculty.
  2. Effort Tracking - entered in PeopleSoft, then approved. There is a push to have it entered by the employee. Possible audits forthcoming.
  3. The hiring freeze glacier is cracking. The Provost said we could hire within our budget.
  4. Minimum wage to go up 1.8%. We will discuss how it impacts our pay grades for students at Library Council.
  5. Sabbaticals: one semester, full pay awarded to John Ingram. Two semesters at half pay awarded to Betsy Simpson. Suzanne Brown - faculty union release time.
  6. Trudi to go into phased retirement on January 2.
  7. Brian will be off Friday, October 26 and Monday, October 29.
  8. It hasn't been announced officially, but the University will be closed December 22 - January 1.


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