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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 23, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. The line of people waiting to get into Starbucks is blocking the main entrance to Library West. Today is the opening day.
  2. The forklift will be here on Wednesday to assist in the hanging of a painting in West.
Business Services
  1. Barbara had a talk with John Ingram - regarding fundraising. She had to remind him of some rules. In the meantime, Suzanna Bork has to wait to be reimbursed until we receive invoices. Bill does not want her to have to wait.
  2. Barbara Oliver bought some bean bag chairs for West. Need to move the tables on the third floor to make room. The tables can be put in the staff lounge. Take the chairs as well.
  3. Have we talked to Agotti about buying more chairs? Not yet. Need to square up with Mallard first. Need to think real hard before working with them again.
  4. Fourth floor - doors locked on carrels - no one is using them now.
  5. We are trying to get Tom Minton to help us with the Business Services Web page.
  6. Moved $100,000 out of salary into expense to cover ALA.
  7. No final proposal from Jack for book funds.
  1. Starting VOIP project in East - getting all the numbers together. Need a list of all the current employees' names by department. HR should be able to generate it. If help is needed, we'll check with Winston.
  2. Finalizing the Systems move.
  3. Blinds installed in West (east end) tomorrow.
  4. Checking on the status of the loading dock gate.
  5. Collection Management - handicap station - all their students use it - they want us to cut out the others. No can do.
  6. Rob has requested a list of all Library PO Boxes from UF mailroom.
  7. Two security expenses: $6200 total - to put a locked door on the bathrooms in West 4th floor and card swipes at the main and south doors in East. Go ahead with the card swipes for East, but hold off on the door locks for the 4th floor bathrooms.
  8. Ice machine? It's up here on the 5th floor.
  9. East room 100 - an interior decorator is advising. Construction unknown.
  10. Xerox to move 3 copiers and 1 card machine from MSL to West. Power will be needed.
  1. Xerox printing still down in Docs and Journalism. Meeting today at 1PM to work on it.
  2. Systems has moved back to room 10. Phones are now functional.
  1. No Library Council or Directors meetings this week? Library Council - no, but possibly Directors.
  2. New recruiting tool: Gator Jobs. Issues accessing the applicant pool have been resolved.
  3. UFCC is over. We should be announcing the total raised by the Libraries soon. The people in the Library who worked on the committee really did a great job.
  4. ARL salary survey is out.
  5. T&P packets not yet released.
  6. We have eight active faculty searches ongoing. Interviews to start soon.
  7. Statistics from Steve Carrico have been given to HR.
  8. Brian met with the Directors and Dept Chairs in an effort to get position descriptions online. Winston has been very helpful with the application.
  9. Systems folks have come up with nice application: Training and Development database. It is a good foundation - includes Library and UF training attendees, as well as who conducted. Can be used in annual evaluations to show training and attainment of goals.


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