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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 24, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Barbara and Rob to meet tomorrow 1:30PM.
  2. Map book is ready for Ben. Publix move is not part of the bid. Don't want to spend any money that we don't have to this fiscal year. Dale says if Shaddy wants to return to West, he goes. Putting East back - what to do? Where will everyone go? Needs to be included in the plan. Administration needs to plan for it. Pre-bid on people is Nov. 28. Pre-bid on books is Nov. 29. We need to figure out what we're doing.
  3. Money is in for carry-forward. Money is on for Lowes.
  4. Philbin Sutterfield - interested in the Butler building lease.
  5. Political discussion ensues. Brian Keith waged a mild protest. Barbara wants it noted she slammed Republicans.
  1. Flu shots Friday, Oct.28.
  2. Long-term disability benefits - info/training session Oct.26 at the Reitz Union.
  3. Nov. 17 - Town Meeting - will be a different format than usual. We will be noting milestones, successes and comings/goings of staff members. We will start using this forum to introduce new staff members.
  4. Brian Keith and Dale - meeting with UF Human Resources regarding the review of status structure. The meeting went well. The review will not culminate in less time than six months. People will be able to participate. It was a very promising meeting.
  5. Request for staff re-class is on hold, pending the status review. Merit raises are there. Don't want to warp the system worse than it is. Needs to be set systematically.
  1. VOIP has been installed in Music.
  2. VOIP to be installed in AFA this week.
  3. New phone numbers - will be sent to Tom Minton to update the Directory.
  4. Wireless not installed last week.
  5. LAD shelving - slated to be cannibalized. Do not scrap the Library Bureau shelving. Estes can be scratched. We're only saving according to what Access Services says to save. Wilson only in MSL.
  6. AFA & Music - new combined building?
  1. Happy to say: we are live on full AD. The Web server migration went very well. The project is done, now we just have to learn how to manage it.
  2. Back-up Exec - need to work on this week.
  3. McAfee - need to install it this week. Will tried over the weekend, but it is not working yet. Will put it on the Exchange server first as the old Trend software is slated to expire very soon. We will remove Trend and install McAfee.
  4. Tivoli (mainframe data backup at CNS) - estimated cost at $450 per month for the data on NT2R. Eventually we would put the client on everyone's workstation. Need to estimate the cost of that and if there is enough network space. Back-ups are incremental after the first complete back-up - should only record changed information. Documentation will be saved to your individual machine and Tivoli will note the changes and back it up over night. CNS has mentioned that they have had problems with Tivoli and the Exchange client. We may not trust it with Exchange right now.
  1. Friday - Library Council - Faculty Attitude survey discussed.
  2. Staff survey - the Union is protesting that the administration had no right to ask.
  3. Faculty survey - response was incredibly confusing - half were in favor, half not. Bill to talk about it at a town meeting. There is no clear voice to either do something or stop something.
  4. Public workstations - the Directors have decided to hire three temporary helpers to work on the public machines. We need to add firepower to get the public workstations converted. Geek squad at Best Buy is mentioned as a possibility. Supposedly there were some departments willing to give up FTE to create more full-time positions in Systems, but the Directors say nay.


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