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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 27, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Lori Driscoll, Winston Harris, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Judy was delivered safely from the parade. She had a great time. Pictures and video to come.
  2. Rob had a request (via Evan) to provide tabletop power in MSL. We do have left over domes. Facilities will look into it. There must be power and tables already in place.
  3. Campus Facilities Dept - West project - we are trying to schedule it during Christmas break. They want to do it all at one time. It may be difficult to insure that everyone shows up for work during that time.
  4. Rob has a meeting with Chandler on Wednesday regarding renovations to Library East. We've already done the walkthrough. It really needs a major infrastructure upgrade. We need to get a blueprint, a phased-out plan and start doing work in chunks. Hopefully, it will be well-coordinated. We expect estimates by Thanksgiving and won't start work until after the New Year.
  5. DLC reports their windows do not close fully. Diesel smells from the generator often permeate the office. This needs to be sealed up by Facilities.
Access Support
  1. Handling old refunds: how to issue credit? It will have to be run through Business Services. The Branch Chairs are on board with the new program.
  2. Campus delivery report - recommendations for work flow and expenses.
  3. No changes to FCLA since the student financial migration to PeopleSoft. Only charges will load, not credits. Need a list of attempted refunds. Jim Stevens and Lisa Bailey waited to look at some items, but the transfer did not work.
  1. Winston and Bill have an appointment this afternoon at 3:30PM to discuss GatorLink. Support Services can attend if they wish.
  2. Donna Alsbury - okayed purging the old notice data.
  3. Last Thursday MS released an out-of-band patch. CNS started scanning for it - we got several vulnerability notifications. Most were patched, but needed a reboot. Everything should be patched post-haste - also, home computers. We need to make sure laptops will auto-patch if they are plugged into the network.
  4. Maps server - Hesham encoded a tool which we reviewed and put in changes so it will work. We've also requested a server DNS name for it.
  5. Problem with two of the UFDC collections - DLC is currently experiencing an issue creating the search indexes for the Florida Newspaper collection and the Digital Library of the Caribbean collections. Both builds fail (either hang or throw a memory exception) while building the full text indexes. These are the indexes which allow a user to search over the complete text of the items in each collection. Mark is currently working on the issue and hopes to have a fix by the end of this week. He is looking at using the Lucene indexing engine (rather than MGPP) to index these collections. We hope this will correct the issue, as some online documentation suggests it handles larger collections in Greenstone better. This must be applied to the entire Greenstone server (affecting all collections), so this will require some testing.
  1. Discussion of the Lucene indexing engine.
  2. FCLA - Brandy came over to discuss processes. We will never catch up. The max they can process is 500G per day. They are trying to make it better.
  3. Tivoli - will the DLC be using it or not? Yes.
  4. Erich will be on vacation until November 24.
  5. E-Year book - we are evaluating student privacy issues.
  1. There was no Directors Meeting Friday due to the Homecoming Parade.
  2. Interviews with the Judaica Head candidates upcoming.
  3. Dean of Tech Services candidates - there are two, maybe three in the running.
  4. Bill will be out most of next week - he will be at an OLAY conference at Rutgers.
  5. Brian Keith will be out on paternity leave soon.
  6. Michelle Crump will also be out on the road next week, as well as Judy.


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