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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 30, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, John Humphrey, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Misty Swain
Absent: Will Chaney, Debra Fetzer, Rob Roberts
  1. Will Chaney is out today.
  2. Rob Roberts is out for approximately the next 3 weeks.
  3. Dale Canelas is due back from vacation on Monday, November 6, 2006.
Business Services:
  1. The doors for shelving ordered to house newspapers can not be located. The vendor claims the doors were delivered to and received by someone in the Library. Barbara Oliver is having Betty Mitchell determine who signed for the doors. It has also been noted Library staff are not happy with how the shelving holds the newspapers.
  2. The ASERL membership invoice has been received from Solinet and Business Services is working on how the payment will be made.
  3. Cross training for Betty Mitchell's position is going well. Betty Mitchell will be mostly gone after this month. Work is being done on her position description so the position vacancy can be posted.
  4. Fiscal statistics are ready and can be distributed upon request.
  5. Jack Waters indicated he wants to spend his budget allotment this week. Barbara Oliver is holding back $20,000.
  6. Grace Strawn and Barbara Oliver are trying to establish procedures for the new Library Mini Grant Program. Barbara Oliver believes the time recipients spend working on their grants will need to be reported as private research on their Faculty Semester Activity Reports.
Bill Covey report items:
  1. An elevator meeting was held on Friday, October 27th. T&K is under the impression there have not really been any problems the last couple months as they have only received two trouble tickets. Bill does not think their assessment is accurate and noted the importance of documenting all elevator failures. There have been two more failures since that meeting. The elevators are working now but John Humphrey was not sure what the vendor had to do to fix the failures. The Library West elevators were removed from the UF elevator repair contract when construction began and have not been added back. Therefore, T&K is not "really" under any obligation to respond in a timely manner. Bill is looking into how much it will cost for the Library to get onto a reasonable response time guarantee contract until the Libraries is added back to the UF elevator repair contract.
  2. The Library West public art installation is complete.
  3. Facilities will not be responsible for transporting the Hiram Williams painting to Miami for restoration. John Ingram is checking into art moving companies as well as determining who will be responsible for the costs.
  4. The stairwell doors have been lubricated; however, a permanent solution to the squeaking has not been determined.
  5. Systems has moved back into its area with a different layout. There is one wall left to paint. It was pointed out the safe door rubs the carpet when opening/closing. Facilities will look at what can be done to alleviate the rubbing.
  6. OPAC database is still under discussion.
  1. Facilities blocked all the study carrel doors into an open position.
  2. Hardwood stools have been distributed.
  3. Bill Hanssen moved 2 tables & 8 chairs from the bean bag seating area to the Library West 5th floor staff lounge to make room for more bean bag chairs. To John Humphrey's knowledge the recently received bean bag chairs are currently in Facilities in Brad Hatch's area.
  4. Facilities has received reports the garbage disposal is not hooked up in the Library West 5th floor staff lounge. He will contact Bruce Schaeffer. UPDATE: The disposal works by inserting the handle with lid, pushing down and turning to activate the circuit. This is a safety so people do not stick their hand down into the disposal while it is running. The tube sticking out of the side of the disposal is for a dishwasher hookup. It is sealed inside with a plastic layer which is broken out when installing a dishwasher.
  5. John Humphrey will contact Biltmore about repairing the broken stairwell door stops. It appears is though less than adequate stops were originally installed.
  6. Three ports in Administration and 1 in H&SSS have been moved and are operational.
  7. John Humphrey has contacted Biltmore about the air temperature in Business Services. The air conditioning tech said the system is working properly; however, the conditions remain too cold in Business Services. Some of the group study rooms were also reported as being too hot. Facilities is still trying to determine what is wrong with the system and who is responsible for correcting it.
  8. Several painting touch-up work requests have been submitted. It is not clear who is responsible for performing the touch-ups.
  9. Bill Covey noted a corner piece is missing from the area across from the public services desk. John Humphrey will have it re-installed.
  10. Brian Keith noted the threshold in front of the 1st floor freight elevator is cracked again.
  11. To Bill Covey's knowledge all the wiring in Smathers Library (East) is ready for VOIP. He asked John Humphrey to get the VOIP process started and to alert Systems when the project will begin.
Human Resources:
  1. The Holiday Party Committee will meet today and Brian Keith was asked to check on the status of Smathers Library Room 100. The renovation on that room has not begun and Bill Covey could not say if the work will be complete in time for the party. He believes the party could be held in Special Collection Reading Room as long as the committee agrees to set up and clean up.
  2. The available position descriptions for library employees can be found online at:\HRPD. This listing includes the best and most recent documents available for all positions. The Library HR Office has attempted, since the Performance Management Initiative roll-out at the beginning of the year, to collect up-to-date electronic versions of all staff employee position descriptions. Brian noted a majority of library faculty positions do not have position descriptions. Bill Covey noted that something appears to have changed with the University Human Resources servers and now some positions description can not be accessed.
  3. T & P packets have been distributed. Packets that have already been received in Human Resources have been scanned.
  4. Romance Languages/Area Studies Librarian candidate interviews will be on October 31st and November 3, 2006. A third candidate is not available to interview until November 20th and it is not clear if the search committee will keep that interview given the late date.
  5. One Professional Development leave application (Bruce Chappell's) was submitted and approved for fall 2007.
  6. Brian Keith anticipates Steve Carrico's sabbatical application will be approved, given that it was the only application submitted.
  7. Brian Keith confirmed that faculty merit raise information has not been submitted to Library Human Resources. Brian will be sending a spreadsheet based on the raise file to the division directors. The Faculty Union has stated that merit distribution rules and criteria have to be established by next year.


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