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Support Services Meeting Notes
October 31, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Flu shot discussion.
  1. Roof - old Library West - water damage found a while back. Was supposed to be repaired but has not been yet. Need to talk to Wayne's boss, Dave O'Brian. Need to have it done this week.
  2. Dumpster - received one at LAD. Cleanup to start today. Library design is interested in the leftover shelving.
  3. $70,000 in furniture - Access Services, MSL, Systems. 26-30 workstations in total. Betty called Rob - needed the estimates for Systems and MSL. Dale has seen and signed off on this furniture.
  4. VOIP installed at AFA. Right now, both systems are up and running. The old one will be disconnected later this week.
  5. Rob is going to LAD today; he will get a quote for the 500 chairs.
  6. McAfee - server set to go. Rob's laptop - how to install? Can call Systems and have it pushed or go to the UF Software Licensing Service Web site and download it for free.
  1. Flu shots - rescheduled for this Friday. They are also being offered elsewhere on campus.
  2. Two cases of Hepatitis A found in students on UF campus.
  3. Town Meeting - last week - the Vice President and the Provost both spoke. The Provost was very good. The questions to her were good. It was definitely a worthwhile event - just part of our ongoing effort. Discussion of National Merit Scholars/Bright Futures and their ratio at UF.
  4. Nov. 17 - next town meeting. Employee recognition to be the highlight.
  5. Two faculty searches are underway: Spatial and Numerical Librarian - next Wednesday. Jason Fleming interviews next Monday for the Support Tech Librarian. Both itineraries are posted.
  6. Support staff review - in process.
  7. Open enrollment is over. Medical reimbursement discussion ensues.
Business Services
  1. Xerox contract - needs to be fixed. They need to bring us a proposal. If we don't hear from them by tomorrow, we'll look into cancelling our contract. We're losing a lot of money. We're spending $15-22 grand per month. Need next contract to be good for one year only.
  2. Money - we now have what we're supposed to for this year. We're moving funds around, getting the distributions that Martha wanted.
  3. Boiler plate for the people move into West - Barbara has approved the draft.
  4. Book move boiler plate is 75% done. Meeting tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully Ben will be finished. We'd like to have it completed by Monday.
  5. Sole source processing for the gates on West. They cannot be 42" (gates for the second floor).
  6. West Parking - not much except for handicap and state vehicles. The Library will now have to pay for the parking spots for UF vehicles. Discussion of alternative vehicles ensues: hybrids, golf carts, scooters, cars that run on compressed air.
  7. Big order items - servers, etc. Now is the time to buy.
  1. Tivoli backups - too expensive for every workstation. Need to buy a big server to use for backups. Will probably cost at lest $30,000. The backup is to be used for work-related documents. That will be a replacement for our current backup server, NT2R. We will also need one equally as big to store @ MSL for backup to the new one. We're probably looking at $75,000 total.
  2. While Barbara's out, her department can process the usual stuff and they will be on the look out for the ordering of these servers. If there is anything else super big - it will require Dale's approval.
  3. McAfee has to be installed this week.
  4. We also need to replace our SQL server. This would coincide with the release of the version of SQL software.
  5. Public workstation conversion - the hardware troops have been out in the field - working overtime. They found the doors to Music locked on Saturday. They went to AFA instead. Tech fobs should work 24-7. Eight of fifteen public machines were done in AFA. The remaining seven are more complex - have scanners, etc. Need to find out how long this process is taking per machine. It is absolutely going faster than having the liaisons doing it. The concept of hiring temporary help did not pan out. It would have cost too much, they would have required supervision - it just was not viable. It makes more sense for the techs to work overtime.
  6. There was one report over the weekend of a patron unable to access the Web site. He was using Cox cable to access. The liaison who reported it was not having problems. Will has been testing it and it is working fine.
  7. Barbara notes that her Contacts for the Global Address listing do show for her at home. She also uses Cox cable.
  1. Buildings, IT support - no conclusion. Liaison program revamping - computer literacy documents - testing staff.


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