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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 5, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Plugging along.
  2. Barbara finished the quarterly.
  3. 1 staff out this AM; it will be 2 by this PM.
  1. The terrazzo guy is on campus. Need to get quotes for replacing the threads in East front and back stairwells and the floor - 3 quotes total.
  2. Asbestos abatement - Special Collections - no elevator access, so cost goes up. They will start this week as the PO finally went through.
  3. Circ desk box - no word.
  4. Lutron - need to copy the database to Peter's laptop. His class starts right after Thanksgiving.
  5. PPD Lenel training is tentatively scheduled for early December. Two or three from Facilities will attend. Jim Stevens and Pat Haskins? Maybe.
  6. Lenel conversion? They have been here sporadically. Need to call and check.
  7. T&K people - buttons and signs on elevators replaced.
  8. MSL colors, etc. - decorator to get the stuff in a week - no word yet. Rob will talk to Pam Cenzer.
  1. Master browser issue - Will is working on it.
  2. Anti-virus - Will is working on automatic updates.
  1. DLOC closed - lost $1000 due to a PeopleSoft problem. New DLOC money has not been issued yet.
  2. FIU to hire new candidate.
  3. FIU asked for advanced notice on closing dates for payments.
  4. Women & Development is open - $10,000 OPS allocated for it. Won't ask for it in advance.
  5. FDA reader - remote SQL tables - Florida Digital archive - input routine - get Systems programmers to do it.
  6. Technical Coordinator position is vacant.
  7. DLC Web pages - took the UF and Library templates and reworked it. Please check it out. Bill notes that the UF banner cannot be changed.
  1. Tina is out this week.
  2. Effort Tracking - UF is keyed up on this event. There is a form for the employee to sign noting how their effort is invested. Kristy is working on the report. Hope to get it out this week.
  3. Email sent out announcing the second phase of the staff market equity increase. Will show in Nov. 21 paycheck.
  4. Tenure & Promotion is in full bloom. Will be coming to a head this week.
  5. Sam Huang - waiting for the approval to the language for the Senior Development Officer offer.
  6. Christmas Eve Dec. 24 announced as a holiday.
  7. Library Council - minimum wage going through for a little under 2%. No paperwork required from departments.
  1. West - festooning of signs to come. They will be hanging from the ceiling, on the walls, near the elevators - all over. Discussion about a free-standing Directory Pedestal is ongoing.
  2. Security experts - talking with Directors - suggestions for safe sections.
  3. Tentative date of Nov. 13 for the Strategic Planning session.
  4. Working to finalize the OPS budget.
  5. Holidays - lots forthcoming.


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