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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 6, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, John Humphrey, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver
Business Services
  1. Carol Turner called regarding the need for more trash cans in West. Apparently they were all full on Sunday. Bill thinks it is more about needing to have two full shifts of cleaning crews. We will continue to try to rectify the situation. Regardless, this dilemma should not be going to Business Services.
  2. Business as usual.
  3. Audit criticism - we received an email that said petty cash receipts were unacceptable - however, we received another email that said we turned in a job well-done. We are confused. Trying to get them to explain.
  1. Pending: Telecom room - whirling noise - complaint from HSSS. Sounds like it's coming from the ceiling. Call has been placed to CNS.
  2. One of the nice mesh chairs in West group studies area was slit all the way up the back. There was graffiti on the wall of one of the study carrels.
  3. Lighting on the west side of Library West - Brad is going to install a spare module.
  4. Lutron - November 21 - John has four hours of training. If there are other lighting issues, please let him know. There is still some problems with the lighting in the compact shelving.
  5. Call placed to Harper-Smith regarding the timing on the elevators - it is a safety issue. Bill contends that this is just not an acceptable way for the elevators to run in a public area.
  6. Keys for public study rooms - will now have one key per each room with a supplemental master for Public Services. If a key is lost, the person who reserved the room will be charged.
  7. Media Tech - here today in room 210-212. They will replace a fan box in room 211. They are making all of the buttons in each room uniform.
  1. Media Tech - working on the training rooms today. They will do the smart board at a later date. Brian asks about training for the operation of the smart board. Will can check on it. Bill thinks the manual ought to be enough.
  2. Xerox - release station in Journalism needed patches - CNS picked up on it. We've informed Xerox, if they don't patch it soon, we'll do it.
  3. Back-up tape drive in Systems is broken. Right now there is a tape stuck inside there - it won't give it back. Need to fix ASAP.
  1. No flu shots - the infirmary ran out of the vaccine. Barbara notes that Publix is offering them for cheaper.
  2. Faculty merit raises - agreement reached. Not much change from the original UF offer: 1.5%. They are due on November 22nd. Business Services will enter them and HR will disseminate.
  3. Vacant positions: ILL, Systems IT Expert and Programmer, Romance Language Librarians, Special Areas Study Chair, etc. We've had 36 hirings so far for 2006.
  4. Tenure & Promotion - received, working on report. Will be meeting with Dale.
  5. November 21 - Thanksgiving Luncheon for the Support Services Division, hosted by Bill Covey. It will be a catered affair. Student assistants are included. Starts at noon. Room 100.
  1. Extended report on Capital Campaign received. We've met our goal - even without a Development Officer. This is the big excitement of the day.
  2. Faculty merit raises discussed.
  3. Systems delivered a bag full of oily soot to the Directors as well as pictures of the lovely debris that comes out of the air vents in Systems and elsewhere in East. Bill will take all the evidence to Lacy and Ralph Gyro.


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