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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 7, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Purchasing for the bid - people bid to go out first, then books. Grace will fill in for Barbara, who will be absent.
  2. FCLA meeting tomorrow.
  3. Gate purchase is out.
  4. Furniture - to go out this week. Standard module style, state contract. Furniture is for Serials in MSL, Bobbie Meng in Systems and the rest for West. Color selection - Carol Drum will decide for MSL, Dale for West.
  5. MSL Librarian - need to find cubicle walls to create on office for her. Data and power has been provided.
  6. Roof in old West - no response yet. Bill to push more buttons.
  7. Parking for West - no local. Departmental vehicles to be charged for spaces. If we buy, we'd need two spaces. Barbara will check into it.
  1. Rob Roberts will be out next Monday.
  2. Russ is out afternoons all this week.
  3. Electric upgrade - Friday & Sat - 4th floor Smathers. Be aware of the lack of refrigeration. All machines to be unplugged. They should know where the breaker for the 4th floor is located, it has been tripped before. There is a problem with one of the circuits. The contractor has been here before.
  4. PO for window loads. Testing at ALF.
  5. Ben - 2-3 weeks to get out of LAD.
  6. Art deco chairs - 178.
  7. Servicing vans this week. White van to be detailed. Inspections due this January.
  8. Rob met with Lori and Michelle Foss to listen to their complaints about mail delivery. Will analyze the situation before implementing any changes. Mail is often grossly mis-sorted. It may improve when we return to West. It would be nice to get back to the twice-a-day delivery system. Will need to get input, then try to fix.
  1. Public workstations - classrooms in both MSL and HSSS still need to be done. The overtime crew is getting a little grumpy. They will stop at 200 hours of overtime and we will assess the progress. They are scheduled to work on MSL this weekend. That is expected to go slowly. If they encounter hardware problems with machines, they will skip on to the next. Lori sent Geoffrey a spreadsheet noting broken machines. Problems should be reported through SYSHELP. When encountered during reconfiguration, the techs will ignore it and move on.
  2. Webmail problems - Martha, Bill and Carol Turner all reported strange problems over the weekend. Will is going to investigate. It was a systemic problem.
  3. Anti-virus - Backup Exec - SUS update server was eaten by the anti-virus. Will is now installing the anti-virus tool on another server.
  4. MS anti-spyware - sites that only accept IE - check Firefox 1.5.
  5. ILL Kodak demo - Cynthia is scheduled to assist.
  1. Will announce this week: UF HR is working with us on position reclassification. Brian Keith and Dale will have one more meeting with UF people, and then it will kick off.


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