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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 13, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, John Humphrey, Brian Keith, Grace Strawn
Business Services
  1. Barbara Oliver is out sick.
  2. Raise file - email from Julie: she needs a list of names. Brian sent Grace a spreadsheet with the information. The report reflects promotions across the board. The union held up faculty raises for people not in the union. Raise was passed October 1st. Faculty in the collective bargaining unit had their raises held up. We have a number of associate chairs in the Library - the number in the collective bargaining unit is in dispute. Raises will have to be retroactive. HR and Business Services are working on the situation so that the in-unit and out-of-unit faculty raises can be distributed.
  3. PPD came by to fix a leak in the ceiling. Was caused by condensation from the AC. Need to replace the stained ceiling square. Facilities to dig out a spare from the attic.
  4. Betty is out this week. She is effectively almost gone. Her retirement party will be December 4th. No overlap in hiring her replacement.
  1. W.W. Gay is here doing the readings of all the temperature units in Library West. They are definitely here to work on the AC problems.
  2. The West down escalator is not working. It went down late on Thursday and was inconveniently down for the Alumni Association affair held in West on Friday. The timeline on when the breakdown was reported and who was called is not clear. Everyone needs to know that service calls for the escalator go to Biltmore, not PPD. That escalator has had six failures in the last ten days.
  3. Brad is replacing the carpet tiles in West that were stained with blue icing.
  4. A foot of one of the sofa chairs busted right off.
  5. Security server - really needs to be made functional. Tell CNS to make it communicate.
  6. CO2 sensor still out.
  7. Room 100 - accelerated effort to get it cleaned out and refurbished - it is a big job and can't really be accelerated. If everything went perfectly, it could start the first week in December. Everything will depend on the Director's decision after getting news of this timeline.
  8. Rat problem - East - it has chewed a phone cord in Preservation, a power cord on a Jet Direct in Resources Services as well as candles and a network cord. PPD has been contacted.
  1. New tape drive received Friday evening. It was supposed to be here on Thursday, but Eagle in Jacksonville decided it was too late to deliver. Will has it up and running and almost all the backups are caught up.
  2. No statement of work from Media Tech for West has been received.
  3. Xerox - print release stations not communicating with the server in West and Journalism. Xerox has been contacted. Documents also has a print release station that needs updates. A Xerox copier repair man ended up rebuilding the print station, but did not install the updates.
  4. GatorLink guest accounts - the guest password has gone away as of today. We need to make sure Systems can create guest accounts, then get a list from Lori Driscoll of the people that need to have permissions to do it.
  5. IE7 - we decided not to automatically send it out to everyone's workstations. If an individual wants to upgrade, they can.
  6. VISTA is the operating system that will replace XP. Campus has a group license. We may have to switch over soon. It could end up breaking a lot of software with memory randomization. It would be a massive OS upgrade. More than half of our machines won't even handle it - will we be purchasing new ones? The switch may come by summer - maybe even earlier. In addition, there are new versions of Office and Exchange on the horizon.
  1. Raise file is currently front and center.
  2. Tina Pruitt is out until Thursday or Friday.
  3. Romance Language librarian - a third candidate will be considered.
  4. Special Studies Chair - interviewing after Thanksgiving.
  5. Early payroll deadline this week.
  6. Normal hiring and training activities ongoing. Brian has three presentations upcoming.
  7. Support Services Thanksgiving Luncheon - Nov 21 - will include recognition of service.


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