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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 14, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Grace Strawn
  1. Incident Friday morning - Dale called saying the front door of Smathers was wide open. It should be on a timer. The people checking the electricity on the 4th floor had been here. The security server was offline. The server was up, but the door lock software was offline. When that was activated, it could not find its sentinel. Bill went to the Secure server (noting that a light over that server needs to be replaced) and rebooted it. Once that was done, it stayed up, recognized the software and the doors worked. Rob was in St. Augustine, John Humphrey was unable to come in. Security door software - need to add Will, Bill and Winston. It will run on XP. Jim Stevens was trying to wire the doors shut. Why did the service go offline? It was set to auto-start - was Geoffrey going to run patches?
Business Services
  1. Judy - problem with Xerox - awaiting approval for the 90-day clause. Three-year extension with no way out? It's possible. New contract today or tomorrow. 90 days is OK. If sign a three-year extension and find it financial infeasible, can we cancel in six months?
  2. Pre-bid Nov. 28 - books, Nov. 29 - people. Two bids for the big move back to West.
  3. Waiting for info from Rob to get the furniture order moving. He needs to get with Grace this week.
  4. Waiting to hear from Winston regarding ILLIAD. Unable to transfer necessary data to Business Services.
  5. PeopleSoft - all travel processed when we transferred from SAMAS to PeopleSoft - they are requesting hard copies of all the requests. This is a campus-wide request - about 8000 entries. In our spare time, we will make copies and sent it to them.
  6. Jack Waters invoice stuff - paid and processed. Have we been getting it in a timely manner? Yes.
  1. Memo - sent out regarding position reclass. No feedback. Have last planning meeting with UF HR - Nov. 30. 1:30PM.
  2. Health savings account - health investor plan: Separate products, same ID. No statistics yet on how the enrollment has changed.
  3. Crime: it is getting dark earlier now, be aware of your surroundings. Also, with the holidays, petty theft will increase.
  4. All packets sent to the T&P Committee.
  5. Holidays - cash-outs, deadlines. Email notification and InfoGator will give further explanation.
  6. USPS - holidays Dec 26 - Jan 2: can advance time if you do not have it to spare.
  7. Jason Fleming - will be interviewing for the Tech Librarian.
  8. Spatial & Numeric librarian - expired,
  9. Carrie Newsome - MSL librarian.
  10. Appraisals/evaluations - USPS: March 1st, TEAMS: January 1st.
  11. 401A - positive press coverage. Will have training for impacted employees. Should affect temporary OPS only. There are places that have OPS employees that have put in years of service (permanent). Should not be possible.
  1. Will did get called this weekend.
  2. Backup Exec - manageable.
  3. New anti-virus - not pushed yet. It ate the box. Will is tinkering with it. Will push a few, then the rest. Exchange server has been switched over. Need to put it on the Web and data file servers, and then push to workstations.
  4. Sony - retreated. Taking those disks out of production. Will re-evaluate copyrights. Class action law suits pending.
  5. Public workstation configuration - 200 hours reached, 60% completed. Directors will evaluate.


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