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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 19, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Winston Harris, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Business Services
  1. Pushy vendor visit to Business Services.
  2. Final decision on the OPS budget? Yes.
  3. Request from MSL for overtime - Grace needs the list of people and the number of hours so she can move the money.
  4. Agenda after Thanksgiving - Business Services will be working on updating financial accounting. Hopefully, this will lead to more appropriate and accurate reporting.
  5. Bill is going to PeopleSoft training for financial accounting.
  6. Metal suggestion box - will discuss separately.
  1. Library East 450 - carpet should be installed. Can Rob contact Turner to move the shelving? Yes.
  2. Rob has been in touch with the terrazzo guy. Will talk to him about marble.
  3. Circulation boxes - probably a no-go. Everything is going to come down.
  4. Weather radio location - Lori wants her people to have it. No problem.
  5. Elevator exit buttons are in as well as the $350 plaque that Facilities had to modify then the company came back and installed it. It will be secured with glue and rivets.
  6. Lutron - database has been transferred to Peter's laptop do he can attend training after Thanksgiving.
  7. Protective Services - in searching for a stolen laptop, they discovered a number of items found by the housekeeping staff but not turned in to the lost and found yet.
  1. Monthly meeting has been rescheduled for today.
  2. There are two staff members going for grants: Chelsea Dinsmore with ALA and Laurie Taylor with a new faculty grant.
  3. Grace will be updating the group with information on a new mini-grant.
  4. We will also visit the topic of grants to be offered in the spring.
  1. Lateral offered to Matthew Mariner for the vacant position in DLC and he has accepted. It's not really a lateral; rather, his position description has been revised.
  2. DLOC coordinator position at FIU - Erich participated in a phone interview. The job should be offered this week.
  3. DLC had a meeting with folks at the Harn - on a fact-finding mission to find the outcome of an FCLA meeting. Upcoming DLOC grant will have museum content. There are archive issues.
  4. Women and Development is going OK.
  5. UFDC - first content load had FTP load errors - over size limit. There are general problems with UFDC that need to be discussed with Erich, Systems and Bill on another occasion.
  6. Internet Archive - Stephanie had a meeting out in California with the Head of Internet Archives. He offered her a scanner for scanning newspapers - for free, as log as we FTP the content to them. He wrote the software to be used with the scanner so that it functions smoothly.
  1. Backup Exec should have been running smoothly today, but Cynthia informed Winston that it is not.
  2. Print queries on Sunday evening in West - Bill would like us to check the Xerox server.
  1. Legislative bonuses went through.
  2. Market Equity increases were put into the system the week before last. They can be seen in the system. The second phase will be letters distributed via mail this week. Should be received before the Wednesday paycheck.
  3. T&P cruising along.
  4. State of Florida minimum wage increase approved by Library Council.
  5. Amy Buhler should have started her new position in MSL.
  6. Sam Huang accepted the offer, but has a lot of business to close out before he shows up. Might be here by January; no later than March. Sonia and Tina will talk to him about the move.
  7. Direct Deposit delay - it is mentioned a lot outside of the Libraries. Many delays are user issues on our part, but there is also a lack of response on their part when there are errors. There needs to be a fix for when the system does not work.
  8. There are two faculty lines open in Technical Services.
  1. Primary OPS budget approved.
  2. The Directors are entertaining any requests for special projects.
  3. Trying to get to where individual divisions and, ultimately, departments can determine how they spend money for uses other than OPS. We are trying to get rid of the secondary budget system. We want managers to be aware and manage more. We do not have the cushion we used to have. Need to be more mindful as to the effect on the whole organization.


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