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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 21, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. Short week!
  2. Security system - power getting fixed on the 4th floor - might have confused it? Problem was cured by a reboot. Was not programming error.
  3. Power on 4th floor has been fixed. Circuit added; no more problems.
  4. Acquisitions - the Jeffries tube - need to get an attic fan set up in there to direct the air flow.
  1. Hang reports that they should be out of LAD at the end of this week. The new metal dumpsters did not come on Friday. Will take care of it today. Absolutely have to be out on November 30.
  2. Brad will be out for two weeks.
  3. Construction Meeting - compact shelving installation timeline - should be done by mid-January, originally. Was predicted at 8-20 weeks, now 18 weeks. The installer is coming to evaluate this week. Opening might be extended to summer. No way can it be done by March. Staff can't move in until there is substantial completion.
  4. Paneling - Dale signed off on it. Honest-to-God, real wood paneling. Hickory logs. Problem is, too much variation. They now need to be hand picked to be sequenced. We don't want to change the material as we get environmental points from using the hickory towards the Leeds Certification. So, we're living with what we got - just have to convince the architect.
  5. Quote on furniture - Lori has been asked. Waiting for her to pick out colors. Should go to Dale by next week.
  6. One van is in the body shop.
  7. No wireless - shipping delayed.
  1. The town meeting on November 17 - achievements and milestones were recognized. Support was appreciated, may do it again. 150 suggestions were submitted. People wanted to say more.
  2. Communicated with employees about the holidays and leave status.
  3. Communicated with staff about TEAMS cash-in.
  4. Nov. 30 - Brian and Dale are scheduled to meet with UF HR - position restructuring meeting.
  5. Faculty member from Education that did not receive the 3.6% pay increase. Need to make sure the budget is in line. It is up to individual colleges to recognize if a raise did not go through.
  6. Jason Fleming accepted the Technical Support librarian position.
  1. Anti-virus - originally wanted to push it to workstations - as people are rebooting, it is installing.
  2. ILLIAD workstation that picked up McAfee - emails were being blocked. The anti-virus was blocking the port. Had to register the ILLIAD client in the exception list.
  3. There is also a mail management problem on Ref Express.
  4. Education - Xerox print station - got a virus then could not get it back on the domain. The release station is not back yet, but they are printing.
  5. Public workstations - will start next week. Systems will do them as fast as possible.
Business Services
  1. Money - there is enough for this year.
  2. Barbara will be back on Monday.
  3. Tuesday - meeting on people and book move bids.
  4. Travel - request for info - Dolapo is working on it.


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