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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 24, 2008

Present: Logan Clapp, Bill Covey, Lori Driscoll, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Alarm going off in East over the weekend - door by the elevators. Carl and the guard discovered it.
  2. Mail conversion date - first of the year is acceptable? Rob will set it up with Drew and send out an email. The middle of January would be better.
  3. Projects meeting today - Harold, Judy Rob and Bill will all meet to discuss the projects we have pending. We need to get the money encumbered.
  4. Lighting changes in West - he has the estimates. We'll pay for it. We have a lot of emergency lighting.
  5. We are getting estimates on furniture for areas we are thinking of upgrading.
Access Support
  1. Delivery project - still waiting on FCLA. Oak Hammock should be able to request, but Law: not yet.
  1. Exchange - Will has been working to restore the database from backups. Any problems should continue to be reported via Grover. There are a lot of duplicate appointments/confirmations on calendars. Backups come from different vintages so recovery rates vary. Ongoing.
  2. Sam Huang & Alicia Antone - their handheld situation really needs to be fixed. Mobile devices are not synching. Logan will look into it.
  3. Migration to AD - we may be a bit behind schedule due to the current problems with Exchange. However, we are close to being on track. Winston has the permissions all worked out. Once we get users and groups moved to AD, then we can work on Exchange.
  4. Pushing O2K7 - Amy feels confident that we are ready to proceed. Bill advises pushing the O2K7 reader first. O2k& to be pushed only by request.
  5. Lori has a question regarding the status of ILLIAD templates with O2K7 - would they break? Bill suggests converting one machine and test.
  1. Tivoli? Per Logan, the server is set up for archive testing. It should be online by the end of next week. We'll need to do cost comparisons. Allan from CNS has been out for a week. He's coming over to work with Logan this week.
  2. UC San Diego has a storage program that we are checking out.
  3. We're finishing up Baldwin.
  4. UNF - stuff done with old FHP money.
  5. Gifts and Exchange - extra books found in the DLC have been returned.
  6. Women in Development - ongoing.
  7. Everglades grant is forthcoming.
  1. On campus, there is a subterranean move to revamp UF IT. This has supposedly been decreed a major project. People have been asked to generate a Top 5 priority list of what IT should be doing. Appeals sent to the faculty. Interim CIO Chuck Fraser - commodity services. They want more control. If it happens, look for a buy-in budget. It is doubtful they would want to host Library-type programs - just the generic IT stuff. Be aware and watch for it.
  2. Two candidates interviewed for the AD position. Send in your evaluations via the candidate assessment form. Remember, they are all ultimately public record. Keep it as objective as possible.
  3. Early payroll deadlines this week. Watch the December Vacation Leave cash-out carefully.


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