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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 26, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. All on schedule.
  2. No crises.
  3. Barbara came in for the bid opening on the security contract for the guards. Two bids came in - one is from out of Jacksonville. Will probably try to retain the old contract through December.
  4. Have we seen the actual money from FCLA? No.
  5. SUS Director is speaking of cutting SUS funds and putting them in electronic reserves. We'll see how that shakes out.
  1. Peter is out at Lutron training Wednesday-Friday.
  2. Facilities had a request for 10,000 book marks (full color, double-sided) from Access Services. The request was denied. Now they are asking for 5000. Will discuss it with them.
  3. Grad carrel - student climbed over the top to get a chair with wheels that he wanted to use. If this type of activity continues, we may have to cage-in the tops.
  4. People have been complaining about the shades on the grad floor. We will take off the drive mechanism on the shades to see if that prevents them from messing with them.
  1. Dean Russell sent her recommendation for the leftover mini-grant funds: a spring mini-grant competition or a workshop on the mini-grants in the spring.
  2. The Dean also wanted to know what was left over from last year's mini-grant funds. Per Barbara: nothing.
  3. Hikaru Nakano got the Asian Foundation grant. They are going to send her the books.
  1. Backup Exec - we have been having trouble with it. There have been no backups since Wednesday. We are currently moving Backup Exec to another server, hoping that will help.
  2. SAN - it has been configured for East. Now we are working on the configuration for MSL.
  3. Systems will be meeting with DLC to discuss server issues.
  4. 3480 tapes - we are in the process of converting almost 2000 tapes to the Virtual Tape Server at CNS. It is going along fairly smoothly. Any problem tapes will be revisited at the end of the conversion process.
  1. FIU position to be posted today.
  2. Matt will be migrating to his new position.
  1. Effort Tracking - data populated via summer of '07 paychecks. If a person is no longer working here, the supervisor should fill in to certify their responsibilities. Grants can be handled differently. We send in the forms for a five-year retention. They must be submitted to Tigert in two weeks. We will be putting them in campus mail today.
  2. Associate I position in Technical Services - Doug Kiker will be taking the position effective January 3, 2008. That will open an Electronic Resource Librarian vacancy - to be posted.
  3. Ana Guthrie and Alexander Annis are both leaving Education. Alex will remain working at MSL. Judy said these vacated positions can be posted.
  4. Lane Jamison, the Development Officer, has resigned.
  5. Lawan Orser's former position, Database Librarian, will be posted.
  6. The DLC position will be posted.
  7. Judy will have her follow-up meeting with HR on Nov. 29.
  8. The second phase of the market equity raise went into effect on Nov. 21.
  9. Need to submit the report to Grace regarding the updated base salaries for Assistants and Associates. Discussion of base salaries for new and existing employees.
  10. We are waiting for T&P recommendations for packet adjustments.
  1. Bill met with John and Judy. They discussed the security guard issue and the copier contract.
  2. Bill received one piece of mail regarding the market equity adjustment. It was positive. As far as the rest, generally: no news is good news.


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