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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 27, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Dedication for Library West - Barbara is on the planning committee. The caterer has been hired. Parking has been arranged. Police will be providing security. There is a problem with the address list for the invitations, but it is being worked on. The dedication is scheduled for January 26 at 1:30PM on the Plaza of the Americas. Tents and heaters will be provided.
  2. Room 100 - the Howe Society Dinner and a Dedication Luncheon are scheduled. Luncheon invite for only 75 guests. The Howe Society event will be a sit down dinner for 200-250 people.
  3. Got the quote for the carpet in room 100. Work to begin today on the tile removal.
  4. Cancelled the certified forward for the ALF software (Generation Fifth).
  5. Retirement party for Betty Mitchell to be held on Monday, December 4 on the 3rd floor of Library East.
  1. The movers are here again - finishing up on room 100.
  2. John Humphrey is out today.
  3. Asbestos removers are not here yet - trying to confirm what time they are supposed to arrive today.
  4. Cancelled Generation Fifth software order - related to discussions of how to use the ALF building. We need to evaluate if we can convert the shelving to compact. Need to do an inventory. Need to speak with the UPS people. There will be various pow-wows on this topic. We may and up developing custom software for it.
  5. Carrels on the forth floor - they are still working on them today. ADA said that the handles cannot be removed. The new tracks are much sturdier.
  6. The West dumpsters are getting emptied twice a day now, to handle the extra Starbucks garbage.
  7. HVAC West - they are here doing temperature readings, etc. We may be having strong words with the builders.
  1. Dean's Menu - rash of requests for new menu items to be added to accounts. Bill wants to know what exact information staff are trying to access when using the Dean's Menu system. He will discuss the matter with the Registrar's Office.
  2. PeopleSoft certifications Evelyn was handling it. It should be handled by Systems. Also, need to remove DSA role for Evelyn. Check with Winston to make sure that he, Will and Bill are the only ones with the DSA role. Will is going to take over certifying roles.
  3. Duct cleaning - ongoing problem - one of the programmers has registered health complaints. We'll add it to the list.
  4. Xerox meeting - this week - Amy has compiled a list of problems as reported by various departments.
  5. Dell Media Tech - received a Statement of Work for West - Will made some corrections and sent it back.
  1. Diversity Plan - we do not have one. Affirmative Action diversity course - attendance is now required to participate on a Search Committee. Diversity workshop - academics - new Assistant Director for Recruiting and Class & Compensation is developing the roles. All faculty hiring to be like TEAMS hiring. The Associate Provost is enthusiastic that we have a more diverse pool of candidates.
  2. Faculty merit raise file - it was completed on Wednesday. Had to be done in person at Tigert. There was a question of how many were in the bargaining unit, but they have all been entered.
  3. Brian will be teaching a class on interviewing skills. He will also address the UF Faculty Assembly to explain the merit process.
  4. Interviews to begin for Special Area Studies and Romance Languages.
  5. Evelyn Anderson is gone - there are still some blanks covering what she did - questions about FMLA is one - Brian is trying to cover it.
  6. Communications Committee - Bill, Brian, Trudi - Sill to represent our division.
  7. Room 100 - asbestos removal - should be done in time for the Holiday Party.
  8. Hope for the Holidays - toy and non-perishable food drive is ongoing.


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