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Support Services Meeting Notes
November 28, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Grace Strawn
  1. Public workstations - 15 done over the weekend. Many had broken pieces. Like CDROM drives. They were working originally, and then developed problems. The speed of the machines is also very slow. Will continue reconfiguring until they are all done.
  2. Email from Carol and Martha - text coder - campus purchase. It installs on RedHat and Solaris only - or a separate box. It may need it's own Web server. Need to clarify purchase.
  3. BBS - it is on the list of things to be done. Geoffrey is going to take it on. Need to move this up on the priority list. Want it done by the end of December.
Business Services
  1. Dolapo finished copying our portion of Travel.
  2. We are going to give ILLIAD a twenty-day trial period. Going live January 1st. There was a problem with the reports. Grace and Winston think they can get out of it what they need. If not, they'll drop it and try something else. Have to turn it on to tell whether or not it will work.
  1. December 8 - quarterly communication meeting - Directors - East conference room, 3PM.
  2. Dec. 13 - Staff Holiday party 7PM Keene Faculty Center.
  3. Dec. 15 - 11:30AM-1:30PM Holiday Potluck Luncheon - Smathers third floor lobby.
  4. Nov. 30 - Brian and Dale - second meeting with UF HR on staff position reclassification.
  5. TV channel in the dorms has offered to make videos to inform students on the use of the Library:
    a) how to use the catalog and resources
    b) orientation
    c) use & care of materials and facility
    d) what librarians do
  1. Teak Suite - continuing discussion regarding the Liaison program. There are strong opinions on the topic as well as strong wants for service. Lots of proposals have been made. Hot topic. If jobs are allocated to Systems, Will would like real IT slots - not just a transfer of liaisons into the positions. If it goes that way, the jobs will be openly advertised.
  2. West - snafu on shelving - will take 18 weeks to install. Bid for materials is tomorrow. Worse case scenario would be completion 18 weeks after the middle of January. Shorb thought it could be done in 8 weeks. Maybe if we offered more money we could double-up the crews? Unknown. We will do what is necessary. We anticipate that contingency funds will be spent.
  3. Money from Lowes/Butler plaza - has not been received yet. Must be completely out by Nov. 30. Dumpster shortage has cut it close. Once we are 100% out, we will ask for the money.
  4. No grand opening for West this spring.
  5. Dec. 6 - meeting about furniture, shelving and finishing the building. Hope to have a time table on building completion by December 13.


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