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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 1, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Rob Roberts
  1. Rob Roberts will be off Friday, 12/5/08.
  2. Hangar door problems again. Last week we changed out the door switch. Sunday night, the hangar door would not go down. Brad reset the electrical switch and the door went back down, but, then it wouldn't go up. We are trying to isolate the problem. Need to call the hangar door repair folk.
  3. Architect meeting tomorrow morning.
  4. Judy was wondering if the MSL lounge (Maps) needs re-carpeting. Take Jan Swanbeck with you when you go to inspect.
  5. MSL - Sonia to check contacts - PPD will be painting, stack moving and carpeting during the break. Rob needs to talk to Tara.
  6. AFA work has been scheduled during the break. Have not heard about the painting in West for the same time period.
  7. Quality plumbing for West - check with Marcus and Biltmore. Will need building access.
  8. PO Box conversion - January 19th. Rob will send out a notification email.
  9. John Nemmers - display cases disappeared.
  10. Bronze plaque of George A. Smathers - need to hang it in an appropriate place.
Access Support
  1. Chris Youngblood is still having email issues. Will should have it fixed by today or tomorrow.
  2. O2K7 - ILLIAD templates - will need to make a change on one of the workstations. Will test on Borrowing. Sending will have to wait until it is back live.
  3. Scanning in MSL - we will need help with the alignment of the printer. Scott used to help us with it, but he is gone so someone from IT will need to assist. It will be the week after December 14th. We will call about it. We'll have to change the templates.
  4. Melissa Ware (primary backup for Michele) is resigning. No date yet - approximately two weeks. Bill instructs to get her PD to HR as soon as possible. They should be able to fill that position.
  5. Lori and Michelle will be out at an ILL meeting in Orlando on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  1. Email problems continue for a lot of users. Mail after the corruption is not restorable. Will just did two mailbox deletions and is now restoring the calendars. The Acquisitions mailbox was deleted. All of the email after November 11 is gone. Will is trying to restore from tape. Stacey Ewing's email is gone. Only fix now is to delete and create a new account. Mobile devices? They are synching as soon as the account is deleted/created. Alicia's is working. Will wait for Sam to return before working on his synch issues.
  2. AD migration - the schedule will be pushed back at least a week due to Exchange problems. Winston is in the process of copying permissions. Bill notes that we will need to make lots of spot checks. Will assures that we will keep an eye on it. We will move the IT department first, then the rest of the staff. Let Bill know when the IT staff is moved, as he is still in that group.
  3. Will has finished the Risk Assessment.
  1. Xerox - contract ends at the end of December. There is the standard finger pointing going on in the Purchasing/GatorOne circle about getting the contract redone. GatorOne does not have a print release station. Probably won't be ready until after the spring semester. HSC is bent out of shape about it. There could be a crash need from a new vendor.
  2. CSUL meeting upcoming.
  3. AD search - no word yet. Mixed reviews.
    Judaica search - ongoing.
    DLC - Laurie is filing in as temporary head at the moment.


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