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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 5, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. We are officially out of LAD. It was a lot of work. Hang is going back to take out the steel stairs today. The electricity has been turned off. Need to inform the Lowes lawyer.
  2. Furniture - Betty has everything, including Will's order. Only hold up is the selection of color. Conference room furniture discussion. Need to keep samples on hand for people to try out instead of sending them downtown. Rob proposes putting the Facilities chairs in the conference room and then getting a variety of samples to use in Facilities - that way people could come by to check out the choices.
  3. Window drawings - name from contract - waiting.
  4. Found 9 cylinders - need to be re-keyed. Go ahead and buy them.
  5. Work order waiting for the fan in the duct on the second floor between RS and DLC.
  1. Public computers - Geoffrey broke his toe killing a spider at home. He was unable to work on the machines this weekend. He is willing to do it, but it will be at a slower pace. Need to rethink the plan to get it done.
  2. Net Agent - we were going to say it was fixed by a password change, but there is a lot of unforwarded email in there today. There is a possibility it all just came in, but that is unlikely. There was a core router outage at CNS this weekend, might want to see if that had an effect.
  3. McAfee anti-virus - XP with firewalls up won't take the push. Have asked liaisons to disable the firewall so we can push the anti-virus update. After that action is taken, it installs just fine.
  1. Faculty member that missed out on the 3.6 raise - she will get it retroactively to August 1st. Problems prohibit her getting it right away.
  2. Phased retirement - Brian will find out if we're required to participate.
  3. Brian would like a scaled drawing of the HR space in the new West. Rob will get it to him.
  4. Two candidates for Spatial and Numeric Librarian - itineraries have been posted.
  5. Domestic partnership benefit to start in January.
  6. Holiday parties reminder.
  7. Toys for Tots - donation boxes will be situated throughout the Libraries.
  8. Upcoming Communications meeting - topics to include: a discussion on the time of move-in to West, coffee shop, faculty survey.
  1. Directors have not been meeting - most have not been around.
  2. War on Christmas - complaint about the garland on the handrails in the north tower - had to do with the safety issue, not decoration discrimination.


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