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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 8, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Angela Mott, Laurie Taylor
  1. Rob is out today.
  2. Extended hours are in effect. Most of Library West looks better (cleaner). The stairwells are a bit worse. No great trouble yet reported.
Access Support
  1. Angela is filling in for Lori. Lori and Michelle won't be back until Thursday.
  2. Angela has been helping out with Lending.
  3. Staff Meeting - no problems with Borrowing reported.
  4. Bill and Michelle met with some folks about Reserves. A professor was mad that what she had placed on Reserves was not available for check-out. CM was unaware it could be checked out for a shorter time frame. We need to educate both faculty and staff on how the system works.
  1. Will is busy trying to restore the corrupted email. We have an open case with Symantec. Restores of both a single mailbox and the entire store fail. It seems to have to do with permissions. If we can fix that, we should be able to restore. If we can't get it fixed today, it might make it harder to stick with the current schedule for AD migration. The cost of the mailbox migration to AD still needs to be approved. Even if we can't restore the corrupted email, we could move to AD and restore it later. If we drop the plan to move Exchange to AD first, why not go ahead with the move of the workstations to AD? We could. Need to check with Winston on the permissions. We'll look into it.
  2. The Hardware Support Unit is getting ready to do hardware inventory. They will be hands-on workstations in different locations. Perhaps that project could coincide with the workstation move to AD.
  1. There was a problem with the Greenstone production box last week. It should be back up this week. Logan tried to update the server and that took it down. Next week, Mark, Laurie and Logan are scheduled to meet to write up documentation on what to do if the box goes down and how to revive it, so this doesn't happen again.
  2. Tivoli - Logan is waiting to hear back from Allan Rout (CNS) to get it set up. He needs another meeting before we can go live.
  3. Lourdes and Mark are out this week. Will is out next week. We'll have a lot of people out the week prior to Christmas.
  4. We found some 16mm film for the WID project. We're trying to move on the material needing copyright permissions.
  5. Everglades project upcoming.
  6. Oral history project upcoming.
  7. UFDC has 3 million pages.
  1. Director's meeting was cancelled last Friday.
  2. AD offer - no status. If an offer was made and accepted, the position still probably wouldn't be filled until March 2009.
  3. Xerox contract soldiers on. There is no solution for outsider printing with GatorOne. There probably won't be any solution by the end of this month or next month. Perhaps, mid-February or March.
  4. Holiday Party: Thursday, December 11.


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