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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 10, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Business Services
  1. OPS info is up on the Business Services Web site.
  2. We are current on Purchasing.
  3. Carry Forward issue has been resolved.
  4. Encumbrance issue ongoing since July has been resolved.
  5. Baldwin grant and payroll this week.
  6. OPS minimum wage starting January 1st - we covered last year for the moment. Will take out of the current budget. We'll see how it goes.
  1. Extended hours are going fine.
  2. We are working on the lighting issue. We may not have the freedom to turn them off at the switch.
  3. Front doors this weekend - ADA door latch was dragging. PPD did not come to repair it until today. This is not acceptable. There was also a problem with the revolving door.
  4. Handicapped parking survey - back of West handicapped parking spots seem to have permanent inhabitants. Deborah Alley may have a clue about the situation.
  5. Second floor West restroom project (wall removal) - airflow problem. Need to make sure it is done right.
  6. There will be a scheduled domestic water outage in the Education Library (and all of Norman Hall) on December 19 8AM-noon.
  7. Hideous temperature problems in Education? Rob thinks that it has been handled. Skip Rockwell has been working on it. He thinks it is under control and Iona is okay with it.
  8. Stairwell doors in West and MSL - trying to delay the opening of emergency doors so they would have to hear the alarm going off.
  9. Mag holds on the West stairwell doors are working. The mechanism holding it is easy to undo. Rob will check it.
  10. Bill reports the dashboard lights to not work in the van. Also, the right-hand electric window is broke.
  11. Emergency stairwell in East - found used coals at the bottom of the doorway of the fire stairwell.
  1. Grant Management Committee meeting today. Wrap-up meeting and discussions of spring mini-grants.
  2. No word from Judy on spring mini-grants.
  3. Hikaru to apply for a $400 travel grant.
  4. Kelley will be taking an internal control and some review classes. Bill and Brian Keith are also taking classes this week.
  1. Backup Exec is up and running. We will keep a second generation of everything. Copy to move to MSL.
  2. SAN - installed in MSL. We are anticipating a heat and noise problem in that room (MSL 206). We also need additional ports and a Gig feed for the switch.
  3. SAN is up in East. This afternoon or tomorrow we will turn it over to DLC.
  1. FTP problem with FCLA turned out to be a problem in DLC. Florida Anthropologist was resetting itself as an image. We don't know why it happened. Freak accident. Mark is not here, but he is trying to figure it out.
  2. DLC Importer - has been fixed three times and yet it continues to break.
  3. Harn meeting on a bead exhibit - we will support their images and archive.
  4. IR position - closes Friday. We have one viable candidate.
  5. Meeting Friday - we found an International Programs officer to support funding for Haitian collection.
  6. Tom Widell is a constant donor - he sent Judy two ideas involving DLC.
  1. Effort Tracking - deadline was this past Monday. We received the last one on Friday at 1PM. Kristy is working on the faculty ones.
  2. There were 13 applications for the DLC position.
  3. ILL position closes Wednesday - 27 applications received.
  4. Two positions are open in Education.
  5. Faculty Recruitment Committee - Brian met with Denise Bennett to review policy and procedures.
  6. December 13 - Holiday Party.
  1. Bill and Judy attended two meetings in Ft Myers - CSUL and CCLA.
  2. Meeting highlights - technology advisory group, FCLA funding, cataloging standards revision, keynote speaker (state librarian).
  3. Howe Society met on Saturday at John Ingram's house.


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