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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 12, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Two staff members out today. One is out sick. Betty returns tomorrow.
  2. Barbara and Grace noticed that of their listservs had been cancelled since the last computer changeover.
  3. One of the missed emails was from the University Comptroller: starting Dec. 19, they reserve the right to approve all vouchers to be paid (PO's and blankets, not PCards or Travel).
  4. Travel - came through - wanted to confirm who had the authority to approve. It was incorrect; Business Services corrected and sent it back over. No word.
  5. Wed - bid opening for people move. Barbara is worried that there might be a tie. Someone has to be there as a witness.
  6. End of January for bid opening on book move.
  7. Business Services is pulling everything together to get ready for the end of quarter.
  8. Lowes' lawyer will be sending a check. Barbara wants it stuck in patrons and will ask Dale not to endorse it for six months.
  9. Gates are done. Furniture - lots of money to spend.
  1. Chairs/furniture for Systems - could be getting new people.
  2. Working on the anti-virus software. Had some reports today of files going through email with virus as attachments. Will is investigating.
  3. The anti-virus has been tested on public machines. Any problems encountered were firewall problems.
  4. MSL - public machines - 42 left. Geoffrey is working on them.
  5. Net Agent - seemed fixed, but now Gary says that the junk mail they normally see is not showing up in the mailbox.
  1. Rob held the work order for the duct fan. Looking to see if we can find a fan and put it in there ourselves.
  2. Fax location for Biltmore - everyone will have a fax in floors 1-5. None on 6.
  3. Still no wireless VOIP. Got the phones, but with no power cords.
  4. UPS - contacted by Rob Roberts. Will see about setting up something by the end of the year. They have better tracking. Would like to use them as the sole-source vendor. ILL would like it to be so.
  1. Communications meeting - minutes have been posted. Two groups are working on faculty governance: the assembly group and the working group. Meetings are open, if anyone is interested.
  2. Minimum wage - increase to commence at the beginning of the year. Increase for student, OPS and college work study.
  3. The OPS employees that will be out social security and into the FICA alternative - this is going through.
  4. Spatial and Numeric librarian - interviews tomorrow and Thursday.
  5. Domestic partner benefits - to start February 1st. To be offered AvMed HMO. No other supplemental benefits will be extended until during the October open enrollment, when it will all be merged.
  6. New evaluation initialized - new form and deadlines. March 1st is the USPS/TEAMS deadline. To start this year. If you have already received an evaluation to do, go ahead and complete it. There will be training on how to complete the forms. Training will be offered via UF Training/Development website and Trudi is scheduling some local training.
  7. Brian sent out an email regarding people having questions about how to enter/approve time - there is a PeopleSoft training class offered.
  8. Brian to check on the on-call policy.
  1. Martha and Dale are off at CNI (Coalition of Network Information) - discussions about combining technology and information. Nothing specific, but they did notice that most businesses have about 10% FTE in IT. There's a good chance that we will be switching some folks around.
  2. Dale - wants to have a real budget by the end of this fiscal year. The philosophy of how to do it has to be solved. It is being worked on - may/may not happen.


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