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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 17, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
Business Services
  1. We're worrying about Payroll. Everything needs to be approved by Tuesday.
  2. Jennifer is out sick today.
  3. We're are pulling down the final cash report and looking at open encumbrances. We will asterisk those that we can legally follow-through on.
  4. It is extremely cold in Business Services. It is cold in HR as well. Rob says he will investigate.
  1. Bathroom problem in West - 2nd floor - urinal blockage and subsequent overflow. 'Green' plumbing - copper pipes are corroding. PPD is working on the matter.
  2. Design on the door holds for the stairwell doors - Facilities is working on it and they will show Bill. They will hold 100 pounds. The ones we have now are not working out.
  1. Grant Management Committee met last week.
  2. No word from yet regarding spring mini-grants.
  3. Hikaru is not going for the travel grant.
  1. Will to work on the new version of McAfee this week.
  2. SAN - both systems are up and running. Working on the replication software. One of the IBM switches has to be replaced. Erich to discuss the security setup with Winston. Bill says not to wait for Erich.
  1. Want to set the DLC security on the SAN today.
  2. DLC is cleaning up.
  3. Hope to have new hire soon.
  1. Stephanie has two names for the Associate 2 position in DLC. She has asked for permission to interview.
  2. We currently have seven active recruitments.
  3. December 15 is the due date for the mid-career packets for faculty. They need to be submitted to UF by January 10th.
  4. Faculty Assembly meeting this afternoon. Scheduled to discuss the future of training and development due to Trudi's forthcoming departure.
  5. Foreign national students - if they exceed 20 hours in a pay week - tax services works with the International center and they will report this to INS. They will be in violation of their immigration status and can be deported. There is an exception for time worked during breaks and summer. HR will communicate this to all supervisors. The rule must be abided.
  6. Filing 'exempt' on income tax - all exempt statuses expire on February 15 to 'single with no children'.


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