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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 18, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. AC in West discussion - WW Gay was here last Thursday & Friday.
  2. Tigert - monumental shake-up noted in the newspaper a few weeks ago. Machen is hiring Cavenaugh (HR) as Vice President of Administration. It was announced at the Board of Trustees, but there has been no official University announcement.
  3. Bernie Machen's salary is one of the top three for University Presidents in the nation.
Business Services
  1. Convocation - the setup is almost complete. The money is there - it is set for January 26 - inside West - second floor (no longer on the Plaza). Still deciding if we will close the building during the ceremony.
  2. January 14 - Dale's going-away party.
  3. Order for the tables has been delayed a week. UF has to have shipments blanket-wrapped.
  4. Furniture - Agotti - for 6th floor West - Dale wants it ordered. Bahar can do it. Chairs as well.
  1. Brian is out this week, but his back-up will be here.
  2. Carpet shipment should be in soon.
  3. East decorations - we are leaving them up.
  4. Video cable - installing in East conference room.
  5. Big cables on the floor in room 429 West need to be tied up - people are tripping on them.
  6. West - vertical blinds for Access Services - need to get measurements and price - then get their decision.
  7. Additional cabinets for Bill Hanssen - have quote, need to send to Bahar.
  8. Sixth floor stairwells - card readers - need to submit to Bahar.
  9. Holiday access - we will leave the West bathroom corridor open. A card swipe will be added there after the first of the year. Starbucks will be closed next week.
  10. Police presence - half-time FTE - to assist in West and East in the evenings.
  11. Cameras for West security - we are halfway into the one-year warranty - the hold up is how to get the system set up. The cameras are in place, but our server has to get a copy of the video. We are not plugged into the server at CNS. Need to contact CNS and PPD - they should make holes in the VLAN so that we can get this hooked up.
  12. ALF monitoring - temperature settings.
  13. Environmental air quality - East.
  14. Laci - East room 100 - need to finish up -get the final price. Cost only, not who will pay.
  15. Pressure washing is going on outside the front of West - trying to eradicate the coffee stains from Starbucks.
  16. Booster pump in West - should have been installed on Saturday. Need feedback from staff - flush test.
  1. Amy is setting up Liaison Training for January.
  2. Will attended the ITN meeting last week. They are extending an offer to negotiate to PC vendors. UF and FSU are both trying to get better prices on PCs, laptops and servers. Four vendors made the cut - Dell was not one of them. Will we be forced to use these vendors? No.
  3. Meeting with Xerox last week - still working on printing issues. Brent is trying to get the new version of PRS software.
  4. Liaisons are upgrading public machines this week (Adobe, Firefox and VerifyPatron).
  5. MSL is requesting a workstation for a new employee, but they still have a couple of machines over there that they have not returned. They will either get an old one fixed or use one we gave them for the enunciator (that was not needed).
  6. The enunciator is up and running. Amy went to training on it last week.
  7. Server room - Will to work on servers this week - will send out emails informing of short outages. NT 17, 18, 19 & Xerox.
  1. One of the faculty searches is closed. Matthew Loving will begin on February 1st as the new Romance Languages librarian.
  2. There are a lot of positions posted right now.
  3. January 1st - minimum wage up 4.21% - all student assistant salaries will go up. Need to change the rate, and then distribute. Kristy will put in the rate and Brian will need to approve the employee side and pay side in PeopleSoft.
  4. Brian to address the UF Faculty Assembly. Topic will be merit increases. 2PM MSL 107. Carol Kem put it on the slot for Admin to come to these meetings.
  5. Mid-career packets from career faculty due Dec. 15 - should have 6, have only received 3.
  6. Performance Management Initiative - will be mandatory for anyone that has not gone yet. We'll do 3 more sessions for those who have not attended or who are new.
  7. Announcing registration for training - for the spring - supervisory challenge.
  8. Interview of candidates for Director - will have up to five prospects. John Ingram will act as Director of Libraries in the interim.
  9. John is also in charge of Dale's retirement celebration.


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