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Support Services Meeting Notes
December 22, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Painters, plumbers, sheet rock, contractors abound in West, MSL and AFA. The electrical problem in AFA will be dealt with during the renovation. An abatement contractor is onsite. There is a bit of confusion over the payment of the PO's.
Access Support
  1. ILL folks are helping with Reserves.
  2. Lori attended a Branch Managers Meeting. Discussed the Fines and Fees notices. Lori sent the text of the notification to everyone and it was approved.
  3. Campus Delivery - Oak Hammock and Law. Delivery to all faculty probably won't happen as it is quite costly. The only physical delivery right now is to Law.
  1. Tivoli backup - we should just use it on DLC for right now. We need to see how well it works and what the cost will be.
  2. Email - cannot restore the lost data from November.
  3. AD migration - the IT department has moved. Staff migration - the first week in January after the holidays we will have a discussion with staff about the upcoming migration. We'll have more discussion the second week. Hope to do the switch over by the third week in January.
  4. Google Chrome - browser - Bill advises to check it out. It combines the address and search windows. It's also quite fast.
  5. IE - many are asking when they will be able to use it again. The past for the latest vulnerability has already been hacked.
  1. Logan and Mark are working on the Greenstone Production server's trust issue.
  2. Florida Digital Archive announced their downtime as December 23-30. Laurie is wondering if that means they will be open on the 31st. She has asked for their timeline.
  1. New technology dean should be here at the end of March.
  2. Sam is going to approach staff in raising money.
  3. There is much economic concern about January. A special session has been announced. Chances are the Libraries will be affected by cuts this time. If you want to pass along any possible way to make vertical cuts, let the Directors know. Bill heard Machen on the radio this morning. He said we can hold the line from January-June, but come July forward - probably not.


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