MMM Minutes 1/20/00

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
January 20, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, Winston Harris, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Richard Phillips, Carol Turner
Internet Changes at POP
  1. Access to the outside has been slow recently due to configuration changes at NERDC.
  2. The 45M link is hitting between 40-44 right now.
  3. NERDC is going to put in a second POP that should relieve some of the congestion.
  4. Traffic will be managed to balance the load between the two POPs.
Review of Computing on Campus
  1. Handout distributed: Computing - Major Players at UF
  2. The change of UF's president is probably very important because Lombardi liked injecting himself into the middle of computing decisions. We have not yet seen this from the interim president.
  3. A new name on the list is the Interim Provost, David Colburn. He said there'd be a two-month evaluation period before anything would change.
  4. Middle tier - Earl Robbins as CIO. He was originally placed as interim CIO to see if we even needed the position, but has now been made permanent.
  5. The CIO is mainly involved with a group called CCI. Their function is not clear. Their listserv is password protected. Earl says that this is an advisory group that reports to him on a variety of issues.
  6. Most of the rest of the rest of the players are the same as before.
Networking Status
  1. We are currently deploying two and a half dozen switches. Fifty percent of our lines are on direct switch connection to the CORE.
  2. The possible physical changes to Library West may be an issue. We don't want to spend a lot of money putting wire in and then have it torn up.
  3. Some staff members are still experiencing timeout problems. Some of these are due to not upgrading to the current software set. Everyone should be running the latest version of Windows and Host Explorer (not TN3270).
  4. Carol Drum asked why we have to go to Host Explorer if TN3270 is working. Bill replied that running TN3270 is okay as long as it is functioning. If you are experiencing any problems, you need to upgrade before we try to troubleshoot it. NERDC does not like helping us if we won't even upgrade to the latest version of the software.
  5. Gary Cornwell said that Collection Management is upgrading to Host Explorer on an as-needed basis.
  6. Tom Minton mentioned the Host Explorer conflict with CLARR. Rich Bennett replied that the problem is with CLARR and not Hummingbird (Host Explorer). Carol Drum asked what the solution is, since we have no upgrade software for CLARR. Martha Hruska said that FCLA is trying to integrate the CLARR functions into their Catalyst software. Carol Drum added that CLARR did scripting with TN3270 and this doesn't work with Hummingbird. David Hickey asked about the keyboard mapping with Hummingbird that he had with TN3270. Rich answered that this was fairly easy and even better than in the old version.
  7. Carol Drum mentioned that MSL has been having a lot of problems with electronic reserves. Things were being scanned, but not showing up. Carol Turner said that one way to solve this would be to put it on our own server. The scans seemed to be filling up the current location. David Hickey & Carol Drum stated that they were keeping a print-reserve copy because of the problems. Carol added that these problems just started this semester. They are Z-ing things out, but she did not know if they were ever being deleted. She thinks that the extinct PDFs are still there. Bill Covey suggested that this might be a Y2K problem at FCLA since there were no problems last semester. He said that we would take a look at it.
  1. Martha Hruska brought up the Microsoft Windows 2000 kickoff on February 17. Bill added that some vendors are already shipping this with the new machines.
  2. For the libraries, the servers will be upgraded first, then the work stations. The main driver will probably be the enhancements to MS Exchange server.
  3. One benefit to the upgrade will be the introduction of Kerberos authentication, which could connect us into GatorLink. The University is trying hard to get everyone on GatorLink (universal authentication).
  4. Carol Drum asked if NetG & Gartner had died. Martha responded that Gartner is probably gone, but NetG is probably okay. However, there are no more videos or CDs - only Web classes. Carol notes they have had trouble getting into NetG. Bill suggests that we refer this problem to the CIO.


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