MMM Minutes 7/20/00

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
July 20, 2000

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
Information Technology Review Committee
  1. This committee was appointed by the current Provost to survey the use of technology on campus. The report is due back in August. Campus units have been called to supply details.
  2. They are interested in what positions have IT (Information Technology) titles. The state is considering consolidating IT titled positions under one person in Tallahassee.
  3. SUS IT positions will probably all come under the same umbrella once the Provost position is eliminated.
  4. The consolidation move is an attempt to reduce cost and increase quality by creating uniformity among state departments.
Slow Season
  1. It's a slow time of year for spending.
  2. All of last year's orders have pretty much been distributed.
  3. Digital finished the wiring it was doing for us and moved on to the Chemistry department. Our future projects are on hold for the moment, they are supposed to return and start new ones when they finish with Chemistry. No timeframe available.
UF Portal Meeting
  1. Suzy Shaw sent out notes from the UF Portal Meeting to the Library Web Content Providers group.
  2. Cathy Mook had some questions as to what exactly a "portal" is and what it mean to our individual departmental websites.
  3. Bill explained that it serves as the primary entry point to a specific website.
  4. From a technical perspective it is simple: the service provides a basic frame set and a storage place for user preferences. It uses XML. It provides a secure login that identifies the user and all the privileges that go with his status throughout the session on the portal. For UF, the logon/authentication is based on GatorLink.
  5. UF will have phase one working by fall semester. ( It will have webmail (now available at, parts of ISIS, a calendar that will combine the elements of the official events calendar (selected by the user) with the user's calendar/scheduler of choice (including Outlook and upload support for the Palm OS), and some subset of news channels, including local ones (selected by the user). There will probably be at least one official news channel that will be mandatory.
  6. More information on the portal is available on the UF Homepage.
  7. Current UF policy allows links to commercial sites on the alumni and athletic sites, since they already have a policy established for generating revenue and dealing with taxes. It has still not been determined if commercial links and banners will be used on the new portal site.
New Internets
  1. Internet 2 - to be used by universities.
  2. IPB6 - is being developed to allow multiple IP addresses per person.
  3. Both of these take forever to be in production. Current machines can't speak the language, technicians have to be retooled, etc. Quality of Service is the guarantee.

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