MMM Minutes 8/3/00

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
August 3, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Jan Swanbeck
Email Attachment Problem
  1. The Exchange server email attachment problem recurred this morning.
  2. If the Security Patch 3 is not working, we will have to take it down to reinstall - which will entail backing up, reapplying the security pack and reinstalling.
  3. If this becomes necessary, we'll have to do it within the next weeks.
  4. Will take it down over the weekend - may be out the better part of Saturday and/or Sunday.
  1. Departmental laptops are now in and working - with the right amount of memory. Ready for distribution.
  2. Visors - we ordered an extra 15 at the end of the year. Purchasing has found it impossible to work with Best Buy. In the future, we will be buying them directly from the vendor, Handspring, which will take a bit longer for shipment. In the meantime, we've been miraculously sent five more by Best Buy.
DLC/Resource Services Relocation
  1. Library East 2nd & 3rd floors are in chaos.
  2. They are moving pod furniture as well as redoing wiring, AC & electrical.
  3. The second floor is pretty much completely out of commission.
  4. DLC is scheduled to move down at the end of September, pending on the arrival of new carpet on the second floor.
Calling Tree
  1. Erich had a question regarding the "calling tree" system of alerting departmental liaisons whenever a server or some other network outage is occurring.
  2. Bill notes that if the outage is only going to be 15-20 minutes, it usually is not worth the effort of trying to track all of the liaisons down. By the time we reach them, the problem is just about resolved.
Developmental Leave of Absence
  1. System's Department head, Bill Covey, will be on a developmental leave of absence for the fall semester.
  2. A consultant from IFAS, Chris Leopold, will be on standby for any technical difficulties that Martha and Will are unable to resolve.
  3. Bill will be learning about Windows 2000 migration - upgrading servers: low-end vs. high-end grade. He'll also be working on a map of the organizational structure, server distribution and Linux migration.
  4. Martha will presumably be handling MMM & Liaison meetings in Bill's absence.
Internet 2
  1. I2 will happen. It will probably start out closer to the original intent of the Internet, but commerciality will probably eventually invade.
  2. It is basically a higher version of Internet 1, formed out of a need for a bigger data channel and greater bandwidth.
Internet Next Generation
  1. Not affecting us in the immediate future.
  2. IP address changing will bring chaos, hopeless disruption.
  3. ING will happen gradually. The target performance might be obsolete by the time it's in place.
  4. Discussion ensued about interplanetary IP addresses, warp speed, teleportation, telephony, quality of service and the deregulation of electricity.
Information Technology Review Committee
  1. Bill needs to give the committee a report in on what we perceive to be the most important information technology needs of the libraries at this time.
  2. Suggestions made: network connectivity for laptops in public areas; classroom connectivity - need to be able to access what we deliver to them electronically; faculty connectivity; expanded electronic classroom space - more 'teaching' classrooms in library branches; evaluation of the information structure of campus research - what it takes to be competitive outside of UF; appointing the library to be the clearinghouse for all of UF's data access purchases - would help to consolidate data access on campus.

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