MMM Minutes 8/17/00

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
August 17, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Trudi DiTrolio, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Barbara Oliver, Betsy Simpson, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
Handspring Visors
  1. Visors aren't indestructible - they break when dropped! Fortunately, Handspring has a good repair policy.
  2. Systems will keep about three units on the shelf for swap-outs.
  3. They come in an array of five colors - check for details.
Public Printing
  1. Xerox told us they would be happy to convert public printing over to NT (it's currently Novell).
  2. Xerox has not made NT work before without each individual work station requiring its own sign-on.
  3. They've had printing working on NT in other places, but never with universal sign-on like we have here.
  4. Xerox has a version of universal sign-on with NT in beta testing.
  5. The current plan is to convert one server to NT, bring up the Music Library with Xerox's beta tested version and see what happens. This is scheduled to happen this afternoon.
  6. We'll keep the rest of the Libraries on Novell for 2-3 weeks before we convert the other servers.
  7. If the beta test version in Music doesn't work, we'll put it back on Novell. At best, even if we can keep the beta version on Novell, we will more than likely run into problems.
  8. We are going to have to convert to NT & may not be able to do so with out individual work station sign-ons.
  9. We need to caution patrons that printing will be rocky for the next few weeks.
  10. Xerox recently lost three people in our area - including the industrious Dan Miller - so we can expect a deterioration of service for some time to come. They are looking to replace Dan, but it will take three people to do the job as thoroughly as he did.
  11. There is a push on campus to have all sign-ons authenticated. It's probably inevitable that we are going to have to have individual sign-ons. We would just prefer not to have to convert everything at once.
Java-Netscape Flap
  1. There is a network security vulnerability problem with Netscape. Anyone running it on a networked machine runs the risk of hackers setting up a website and compromising the machine.
  2. The solution is to turn Java off on your machine or remove Netscape altogether.
  3. Netscape claims they will put a new, protected version out, but no date has been given.
  4. Liaisons have expressed concern, but we cannot compromise safety & security.
Windows 2000 Development Group
  1. The Win'2000 Development Group (Unix guys) that has been meeting on campus for a while has now been "discovered".
  2. NERDC found out about the group and became alarmed. They told the Provost, he became alarmed. Now they have named IFAS to head the group.
  3. Bill will be studying how to implement the directory while he is off in the fall.
  4. The idea of the directory is to provide easy access by belonging to a central tree.
  5. The Library has not committed to joining the tree; we'll need to see the structure & if it meets our needs.
  6. The group is going to try to get an executive summary of the issues and where it might go within 2-4 weeks. The conversion process to Windows 2000 will be a long one. It has taken as long as 15 months in large corporations - it shouldn't take quite that long here.

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