MMM Minutes 10/19/00

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
October 19, 2000

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Pam Cenzer, Will Chaney, Gary Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Carol Drum, Leilani Freund, Barry Hartigan, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, Tom Minton, Barbara Oliver, Richard Phillips, Rob Roberts, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Phek Su, Jan Swanbeck, Carl Van Ness
Mail Server (NT2)
  1. The email server was restarted this morning so a patch could be installed.
  2. A new virus (MTX.A) is being circulated. Please do not open attachments that are not expected or are from unknown sources. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date. If you get an infected computer, shut it down and disconnect it from the network then call systems.
  3. We have only had one outbreak, which was caught by our scanner. The virus is making the rounds across campus.
Public Printing
  1. Meeting with Xerox scheduled for this week.
Proxy Server
  1. Bill Covey came in last week and tweaked the proxy server. It seems to be more stable now.
  2. It gets hung up because of the number of offsite users trying to access it. We've had 500-1000 retries in just one day.
  3. Will Chaney is trying to build two new proxy servers for West and MSL.
Liaison Training
  1. Training sessions have been scheduled for October 30 (8:30-10:30 AM) and November 6 (1:00-3:00 PM).
  2. The session will be primarily going over the basics: computer setup, disconnection, network card installation, settings, software, etc.
  3. We've received 25 responses so far - will add classes as necessary.
  4. The training is aimed at new liaisons - although some old ones have expressed interest in attending as a refresher course.
  5. Some liaisons have been attending the CIRCA training classes. We're awaiting their feedback to see if it's something we want to recommend to others.
Library Web Design & Policy Group
  1. Rich Bennett and Suzy Shaw are co-chairing the group. There are a number of different tasks and projects that they will be working on over the course of this year.
  2. They have not been through all of the Library Web sites and updated them accordingly yet, but we're generally not in bad shape public-wise.
  3. The committee will be looking at alternatives to Web pages in cases where it may make more sense to use public folders.
  4. They will be making sure our guidelines are consistent with the University's. Abandoned pages are of great concern to UF, although we are in better shape than most universities.
  5. We need to make sure each department has someone to monitor their Web pages. Pages that you would be embarrassed to have people find or ones with hopelessly out-of-date information on it should be eliminated. It is still searchable if it resides on NT8.
  6. The committee will try to provide additional tools to staff. The Library Web page has a new banner (designed by Erich Kesse) that gives it a new look and feel. The group hopes to provide services such as providing customized banners for each department.
  7. One of the subgroups that Carol Drum is working on is working on a sample departmental site: Please review and email any feedback.
  8. The technique being used by the committee to set the agenda and deadlines involves the use of the Outlook Task feature. It allows you to assign tasks for a project, give deadlines for a project and even sends reminders.
  9. Web Content Providers List - will provide people the opportunity to get on the list. Some managers may want to join it as well as new staff members that do Web page work. A message will go out soon in order to update the list.
New Dell Shipment
  1. A shipment of 20 Dells arrived a few weeks ago, but they were unfortunately ordered with the wrong sized monitors (15").
  2. The correct order of twenty 17" monitors was just received late yesterday.
  3. We've already started to distribute them - most are replacements for machines that are going out of warranty. Three new ones have been allocated to the Baldwin Project and one for security.
  4. We're trying to initiate another order of twenty Dells - the prices keep getting more reasonable. We intend to order a batch of twenty per month - from FCLA funds.
Security Installations
  1. Security installation in West is basically done.
  2. East is wired; they're currently installing the hardware.
  3. The system has not been made hot yet. The camera in West has been hooked up - in fact, it videotaped two backpack thefts as they happened last night.
  4. Suzanne Brown reports on recent book thefts from UF Libraries and how the thieves attempted to sell the books at Santa Fe Community College.
  5. The cameras run 24 hours a day, keeping the video for about a week then dumping it - unless you go back in and save a particular segment.
  6. The Libraries will pretty much be a model of security on campus - with the exception of the Health Center.

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