MMM Minutes 11/2/00

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
November 2, 2000

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Will Chaney, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Carol Drum, Leilani Freund, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Rob Roberts, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Bob Singerman, Phek Su, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner
Liaison Training
  1. The first session was held this past Monday. Another one is scheduled for next Monday, Nov. 6.
  2. Will get feedback from those who attended the training session at today's Liaison Meeting.
  3. Some liaisons are taking a course offered through CIRCA. It is a course that issues a certificate at the end of the session.
  4. Since we are trying to encourage computer competency, we may seriously consider latching on to the idea of certification - definitely with liaisons and maybe even other staff.
  1. We have been juggling servers as of late. NT2 is getting overcrowded, so we moved some personal files over to NT9. We are going to take all user folders and print services off of NT2 and use it strictly for email. We are in the process of building a new server to replace what is currently NT2.
  2. Proxy server - we've had a few problems with it since Bill Covey came in and tweaked it a few weeks ago. Will wants to take his time building a secure Linux box for the proxy server. The eventual plan is to have one in West and one in MSL to help alleviate traffic problems.
  3. Staff that can restart servers - Tom Caswell has been trained to restart the proxy server, but what about Michael Howell, from MSL? Will says he could give him instructions over the phone, but Michael will still need access to Smathers/Systems. Rob Roberts can set that up for him.
  4. Will had a call a couple of nights ago - the public machines (cows1) were unable to log on to Smathers_PS server. The NLIClear software was not cleaning out the sign-ons. He had to unload/reload the software, which solved the problem. We will be replacing that Novell server around Christmas time. Xerox is still waiting on parts for the replacement. Will test it out in Music and one of the print release stations in West first. If there are no problems then we'll convert the rest.
  5. At noon today we'll be taking down the North Tower in Smathers. Need to move the feed to DLC to the Com Closet. It will probably be down for about a half an hour.
  6. NT5 - went down in MSL. Both John Ashcraft & Michael Howell need to be given permissions to restart that server.
Virus Updates
  1. Need to encourage people to keep their DAT files updated. They can get the updates from the server or set their machine up to do it automatically.
  2. Will reiterate the sentiment at today's Liaison Meeting.
Troubleshooting Guide
  1. Denise & Leilani have developed a troubleshooting guide showing what steps/actions to take when the system starts to fail. It is really more of a flow chart that can be adapted for different departments. Will it be posted on the Web? It would probably make more sense to post it in the public folders.
  1. East & West are done - cameras & doors are ready.
  2. MSL - doors are ready, cameras should be ready soon.
  3. Before the buildings go live, we need to check and make sure everything is in place. Need to set the times for each individual card (or key fob). Different people will have to have access at different times; a few will require unlimited access.
  4. Once you use the card, will it bypass the motion sensor detectors? Need to check with the company.
  5. Will the cards record the time that people come & go? Yes.
  6. All three buildings will go live in about 3 weeks. What we are doing in terms of security is what the Library of Congress is suggesting for all libraries.
  7. Some access will still be under intellikey. We'll probably have a choice of either the key fob or card - and either a necklace, chain or pin to attach the cards. The cards will be blank - no picture, no name.
  8. Students - will be issued per department. Will probably be restricted to entrance only when the building is occupied. Dates of expiration can also be programmed.
  9. The key fobs/cards will be programmed by the Facilities department. The program will be housed on a PC. They will train Systems people on how it works for back up.
  10. If the buildings lose power, the security system will still function on battery backup.
  11. The eventual plan is to be able to use GatorOne cards for this purpose. The newly issued ones are supposed to come with proximity strips.
  12. Exit gate security - will see about raising the range of the antennas so that people won't be able to steal items by raising them above their heads when exiting.
  1. Planning to support a PERL server for all of the SUS to register URLs. Will need a guideline as to when it is appropriate to register them. Need to have some control over them.
  2. FCLA sent out the message regarding the bidding on the new SUS library system - no employees are to speak to vendors. They probably won't be free to do so until around the month of July 2001, once the vendor has been hired.
  3. UF & Florida Gulf Coast are scheduled to go with the new system first. We'll be a part of the acceptance testing - the vendors will be paid once the system is actively working. Gulf Coast will be the first to beta test. Then they figure that if it's working at UF, it should theoretically work in the rest of the schools in the SUS.

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