MMM Minutes 3/1/01

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
March 1, 2001

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Trudi DiTrolio, Leilani Freund, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Rich Phillips, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
MSL Power Outage
  1. The date of the scheduled power outage keeps changing.
  2. There are plans in the works to change out a transformer between CSE and MSL.
  3. The decision to make the change may be at the last minute & MSL will need help from Systems in order to make sure everything is shut down correctly.
  4. Denise wonders how the power outage will affect the electronic locks on the doors.
  5. The dates being discussed are March 7 or March 10. At least it is during Spring Break, but the date keeps changing. CSE will not commit to a final date; they keep coming up with reservations.
  6. The outage is predicted to take one whole day, but Bill senses it could be more if they run into any difficulties. A weekend during Spring Break would be more desirable, if we have any say in the matter.
  7. Bill notes procedure during power outages: unplug everything from the wall (to avoid a surge in power when it comes back on). This includes computers, printers, scanners, servers, lamps, etc. Anything plugged into the wall should be unplugged. This is standard hurricane procedure.
Fifield Router Out
  1. The Fifield router - one of the CORE routers is out this morning.
  2. As a result, there is a severe dial-up problem this morning. Some circuits were recently added, which is probably making the matter worse.
  3. People may be complaining about router or dial-up problems, especially in the southwest quadrant.
  4. There may also be some network phone problems - Bill had a call from a student with a FCLA proxy problem and he gave his phone number but Bill was unable to reach him at all - the number was dead. The student even called back to double check.
'My Baby Picture' Virus
  1. This is a new Trojan virus that was discovered yesterday. It will replicate from people that you know. Do not open anything with that header.
  2. It will erase all of your files & the machine will have to be completely rebuilt.
  3. McAfee has no updates out yet.
  4. Liaisons have been alerted.
VM/CMS Disappearance
  1. NERVM was scheduled to go away today. Will probably happen on Tuesday, March 6.
  2. This should only cause confusion to people still using the old NERVM mail.
  3. NERDC may or may not forward mail they get to those old addresses. If you suddenly stop getting mail from a regular source, it may be from a source that was getting forwarded from the old account.
  4. This means that you can't sign on to that service only - will not affect NERVM, CICS or Dean's Menu.
Old Workstations - Expanding their Lifespan
  1. Systems has been experimenting with older machines to extend their usefulness for a longer time.
  2. E-series machines that were reported to be non-functional with Win'98 were successfully upgraded, even with Centurion Guards.
  3. The only difficulty may be that some will require more hard disk space. At most it will take a $200 upgrade to get these in working shape.
  4. The public services area is currently field testing the upgraded E-series machines. Will try an upgrade to Win2K on them next.
  5. Funding may be questionable in the upcoming years; we may want to strengthen the machines we have now as far along as possible.
  6. Most machines under 133's are gone. Need to get an idea of how many 133's are left out there so we can get rid of them.
  7. If we get the E-series machines working, we'll recycle them to the public areas and give the newer machines to staff.
Distribution List
  1. We are in the process of developing a distribution list for 20 Dells that we've recently received.
  2. Liaisons are being asked to expedite opening the boxes and checking out the contents. There is a timeframe for returning new equipment & if it is not met then we will get refurbished systems in return.
  3. There is another order of 30 on the way.
Network Installation
  1. Digital Design has been contracted to do the network wiring work that is currently ongoing. We have been having a series of problems with their work in different areas.
  2. The problems were not really reported to us by people in the area. If anyone should see problems with the Digital crews' work, they should let us know immediately.
  3. One incident was caught on videotape - a worker in room 148 was trying to pull drops in the ceiling - he climbed up a ladder & into the ceiling, only to crash through - breaking an oak chair and spilling glue on the carpet.
  1. Discussion about the SUS replacement for the FCLA NOTIS system. 'Endeavor' was demoed; next weekend 'Xlibris'.
  2. Guests from community colleges were in attendance. Community colleges will get factored in, in some manner yet to be determined.
  3. Scoring the different systems will be based on the demos, with site visits from the committee to follow in March or April.
  4. There have been no surprises; no preference by SUS will be determined until May or June. This whole thing could get changed mid-stream and more features could be added.
  5. Reporting capabilities will be vastly improved. There will be much greater flexibility. Authorization will be decentralized.
  1. IBM can now put 100GB of information on one square inch.
  2. The expansion of storage capacity is amazing.
  3. Memory chips are now 50% cheaper and faster.
  4. The pace of change continues to accelerate.

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